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I have 8 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Spine Tingling

A quater past two in the afternoon He feels his life will end too soon His mind wanders. His eyes scope the room They are focused but it is the eye...


I believe that music is a gift For everybody to enjoy, But for some it is Life is more important than Anything they want to buy or own for their...


Night arrives and leaves with Grace Grace is sun, sky, light and birth Condense my life, Confide my face Speak the lies in a formal tone The truth...

Passing Through

Passing through a mazy wood, i stopped for a while and understood the simple, silent, sound that makes a million earthquakes cease their shake A...

Not Yet

She waits how long, how long it takes A new child soon the same mistake 'No not me', her daughter breaks To tears and cries 'I won't forsake, my life...