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human nature

I bought the nature dvd's wanting you to see, before the flat magic of cartoons where no one hurts, dies, just lies plastic, smooth, as throw away buys in landfill sites forgotten yet unrotting


The wind wraps the house in a clingfilm of air, we go out and you are wide eyed as the sky Your hat blows off, making you cry. I cradle you in my arms look up at the trees, not dancing but tied by their roots


naked, he stands knee deep in warm wet face learning tautness tongue not yet broken to words' bridle still bit between his teeth pours water from bowl to bowl to yoghurt pot a ginger beer bottle wrestled bubbling down


His face in my mind a raindrop clings to a leaf's tip perfect, full of light I can't believe this came from me check to see he's still there...

ferry building

The first time I saw the ferry building we'd been travelling eleven hours to see the island where we thought we might live together for the first...