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I have 365 stories published in 12 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 417078 times and 147 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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The devils

The devils Listening to an archaeologist talk about what and how we know about past cultures and what was important to them, I wonder what will be...

I remember when the pub was full of old men

I remember when the pub was full of old men (a poem made up of 3 overheard bits of conversations, edited together) I have this old fashioned phone...


She carried it back on her lap, shallow oven proof casserole dish. On the ferry she chewed bon bons fishing out toffee from a molar with an index...

I don't know if I believe what it is like to be you right now, poet

Sat in your kitchen, under a skylight listening to rain and cutlery replenishing. Do your gut lift of relief, of bewilderment at what sticks in your...

Through bamboo blinds

Through bamboo blinds The girls are pegged horses, arranging chicken bones in flower beds. The alley ways are all flood lit the squatters evacuated...