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I have 365 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 122982 times and 5 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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We were best friends

i don't know how we come to this day i am so stubborn like you the judge decided how this should be and the lawyers argue away all we did was shout...

Why can't you find me ( My love my darling always)

why can't you find me I am the morning light I am the sunset I am birds in fight reach out and I'll be there I'll surround you I am the air I am the...

There nothing i can say to you

nothing I can say to you will take away your pain words can so be empty It feels a bit insane there nothing I can help you with all I can do is be...

Goodbye our queen

goodbye our queen we knew one day you have to go but none of us couldn't believe you would not be there when we were scare you were always there with...

When the morning breaks

when the morning breaks there you are simple laying there with your usual stare and i wonder when you sleep do you feel complete or are you lost...