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Rob Wheeldon

His photo is ,over ten years old its my portait of Dorain Gray you youthful good looking bugger. Never judge a book by its cover

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Process Study the discipline Practice the discipline Internalize the discipline Teach the discipline Supersede the discipline Repeat the process...

Sword master

This is the sword which gives life It can kill, or heal Cutting the unprepared mind in twain Total acceptance of my own Destruction And the...


I am the landscape I am you You are me I am inside you You are inside me I play a part like an actor I pretend I am not the universe Expressing its...


Always in the way, snot nosed hive mind of annoying teenagers Too young to couple off and rutt Uncaring arrogant spouses your fellows tell you of ,...

Silent Scream

My history is scattered I brought a book filled with good intentions I boarded a plane, to see the world I went to university to change my id My...