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Rob Wheeldon

His photo is ,over ten years old its my portait of Dorain Gray you youthful good looking bugger. Never judge a book by its cover

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Mother earth, father sky Brother sun, sister moon On shifting point eternal noon At midnights shift my dreams consume The dragon pulls me from all...

The night shift

I’ve always had outstandingly good eyesight. In fact as a child I used to wave to people at a distance and get annoyed when they did not wave back. I...

Do not lead me into........

The screen flash The intro The music The excitement in the pit of my stomach The promise The vague tinny taste on the edge of my tongue The raw...

Seeing beyond the game

The I that is I is also the universe I cannot be destroyed I have the fire in the blood I burn alive Burn with me My body is a temple But also just a...


Process Study the discipline Practice the discipline Internalize the discipline Teach the discipline Supersede the discipline Repeat the process...