A Celebration of Julia

I was just going to feature one of her pieces as our daily pick, but having read everything Julia posted on ABCTales I think she deserves a bit more space.

If you were around a few years ago, you knew her as Overthetop1. Her mum writes here too as seashore. Her real name is Julia and she died suddenly and very tragically last week.

In celebration of her wonderful talent here are four of my favourite pieces - but really, if you have time,  read the lot - you won't regret it one bit:





A big thank you to insert for the idea of a celebration of my daughter's work.  Julia had no idea how good she was, but I knew and I'm glad she had the opportunity to share some of her work with a wider audience on Abc.  I'm both proud and sad obviously, but this has been a great help to me at this difficult time.  Coral Jane

It should be no surprise really, that two of the writers I enjoyed the most on ABC are mother and daughter. Can I point people as well in the direction of her poem "My Poems", which is my personal favourite and, like a lot of her writing, is just wonderful in so many ways. I am so sorry to hear this news.


Thank you fatboy.   Good to see you are still around, and I'm so glad you mentioned "My Poems" as that will be read at Julia's funeral on June 8th, along with "Poppies for My Daughter" - an old one of mine which incorporates many of her interests and is my personal tribute.  Your kind words are much appreciated.

She is sorely missed here on ABCtales but that is as nothing to the loss for Coral and the rest of Julia's family. I loved her work and frequently cherry picked it and featured it on here. She had an enormous talent that would have gone on producing better and better work.

My deepest condolences to you Coral. Her writing will live on, here at ABCtales and many of us will remember her.


Dear Tony

I'm so sorry it has taken me all this time to reply to your message, which I've only just discovered whilst sorting a comments problem via the forum.  Perhaps there's a link, I don't know..

Julia hadn't been well for a long time, but nevertheless, her death was sudden and unexpected, so there is an ongoing hospital investigation.  Her sister and I fight on for justice, but it could be a long haul.  As Julia worked for Mind for many years, her sister has set up a memory page in her name (via Mind), and our hope is that they may publish some of her work relating to mental health.  I'm currently in the process of sorting through a large file of her writings - much of which is new to me.

Thank you again for your kind words, and my apologies for belated response.  Knowing Julia, she would not have believed she might have made an impact at all, and would be amazed.  Yes, her writing will live on here - I'll make sure of that.

Kind regards, Coral


i never knew Julia but I was so saddened to hear we have lost such a stunning talent. 


Lavadis - please forgive this late reply to your kind words.  I've recently had a few problems receiving  comments, so maybe that's why.

Thank you so much and best wishes,

Coral (seashore) and Julia's Mum.