Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the Month of June have very kindly been chosen by Philip Sidney:



I thought I knew exactly which two pieces I would pick for this month – but thought I’d better have a proper read through of the month’s offering - and dug up a treasure trove.  Thank you so much to all of our contributors for a wonderful few hours of reading! 

I have remained with my original choices but I have so many additional recommendations too!

Poem of the month goes to Lavadis and his touching rendering of his relationship with a cat – it’s lovely but also full of that startling imagery that he is so good at.

For a few of my other favourites, do visit (or revisit) these wonderful poems:

I know – that’s a lot – but believe me it’s a fraction of the wonderful pieces I’ve found.  There’s something rather special to be discovered in all of the poems above.


Story of the month goes to Airyfairy with her perfectly timed account of the life as it is lived now.  Writing humour is a real art – especially when the topic isn’t actually funny, but she has a special talent for it.

Once again I’m being greedy – but there really has been so many brilliant pieces – and I have some must reads for you.  Two are from captivating series which are really on a roll:

Also, do read this moving and uplifting personal account of managing a crisis within a crisis:


Do enjoy them all, but a very special thank you to Lavadis and Airyfairy for their wonderful writing!


Brilliant. Love those choices. Drew



I've tried all the admin links but they don't seem to work for me so I'll try here if that's ok. I'm keen on sharing my writing journey with others but it feels like I'm being excluded. Why can't I post to a blog or create a new forum like other members can and why do my comments always need to be checked before they are posted? I really want to post my stories on here but I'm beginning to feel a little bit left out and maybe this is not a good place for me to be in.



Hi Gabby, I'm so sorry you've been having a problem getting in touch with us. We're currently investigating why this might be but in the meantime please contact or

I'm also sorry you're finding it difficult that you're not currently able to post blogs or create forum topics, and that your comments have to wait for approval. This is because you're a new member and its lifting depends on participation and length of membership. Hope that helps smiley


Thank you.

Guess I just have to be patientsmiley