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Grandpa's Window Cleaner

In a time when workers' rights barely existed, Grandpa tries his best to do the right thing.

The Ghosts in the Empty Hallways

Have you ever felt alone? Are you sure about that? I mean, are you really sure?

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi...that's mine with a home made plastic case in the photograph.

Wake Up. Stop Sleeping

I don't usually do poems but this came to me while I've been working on a story about the environment and how everyone is saying we're sleepwalking into a catastrophe but so many people still don't seem to be doing anything about it. It was getting in the way so I thought I'd get it down on paper quickly and then I could get back to my story. It's not exactly Grace Petrie but it seemed a shame to waste it.

Hello ABC Tales

*/ Hi, I’m new to writing and new to ABC Tales. My name is Gabriel but anyone who knows me calls me Gabby. According to my friends, I’m a friendly,...