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I have 9 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi...that's mine with a home made plastic case in the photograph.

Wake Up. Stop Sleeping

I don't usually do poems but this came to me while I've been working on a story about the environment and how everyone is saying we're sleepwalking into a catastrophe but so many people still don't seem to be doing anything about it. It was getting in the way so I thought I'd get it down on paper quickly and then I could get back to my story. It's not exactly Grace Petrie but it seemed a shame to waste it.

Hello ABC Tales

*/ Hi, I’m new to writing and new to ABC Tales. My name is Gabriel but anyone who knows me calls me Gabby. According to my friends, I’m a friendly,...


This is the middle bit of a post-apocalyptic story that came to me like a bird in the night. So far, I have seen no sign of a beginning or an ending.