You Never Know Who's Reading!

Last summer we received an email from an Italian publisher who had a shortlist of pieces he'd read on ABCTales which he wanted to publish in an anthology aimed at teenagers so I put him in touch with the authors. 

Later, I was asked to write a short introduction to our organisation, and Luigi very kindly agreed to check through the translations. And then ... I ddn't hear anything until today, when the post brought me this!

So .. huge congratulations to the authors above. You are now officially Big in Milan! And the moral of this tale is you never know who's reading your stuff smiley



That's great. Well done to those involved. 


Thank you Drew - it was a lovely surprise to see the end product today!


How wonderful.  Well done all!

that's brilliant. well done. 


Congratulations to some brilliant writers.



Well done to those writers and thanks for reminding us that this is a public space where anybody can drop by and read. I often feel likes it's a sort of private planet.


it's a public space jane, but more like an internet ganghut. Mostly local and with familiar 'faces'. 


One thing I've learnt over the past (3) years is we're all in ganghuts. It's just deciding which ganghut you want  to be in. 


This is awesome! Well done all!