Introducing Sophie Walls, our 6th grandchild. Born to daughter Karen and her partner Kev on 23 March 2018.

Weighing in at 4lbs 2ozs, she was only a little tiddler, though long for a newborn of that weight. She didn’t appear to be putting on much weight over the last couple of months due to complications, so Karen’s pregnancy was closely monitored over this period with twice-weekly scans and suchlike.


Sophie arrived a month early after an emergency c-section when there were signs of her being in distress. She was immediately whisked into an incubator with heat pad, invasive
tubes and suchlike. The neo-natal staff at Birmingham Women’s Hospital performed their normal superhuman miracles and she was stabilized within a couple of days.


Karen and Sophie are now on the road to recovery and good health after a week in hospital. Baby Sophie now up to 4lb 5oz and guzzling her milk like a good un.


And life is grand.




Big congratulations to you Shackleton! She looks lovely


How gorgeous Mick.


What a beautiful baby she is. Congratulations to the proud parents and Grandparents too.

Wishing you all much love for the future.

Jenny. xx

sophie means wisdom and wow what a gorgeous wee thing. Such joy. 


Thanks for your comments. Karen is well and Sophie is slowly turning into a little fatty. I swear I heard her asking for sausages the other day.


She's gorgeous!  Hope Karen and Sophie continue to do well.  What lovely news.