Excerpts from a play

Scene 1 Supermarket Teashop Morning


"Checkout" Scene Three

Seems like it would be wise to evacuate the area!

"Checkout" Scene Two

I'm sure the kitchen will be lovely when it's finished!

"Checkout" The Legacy

The return of the delightful Leanne, now split from the long suffering Garry and Mel the also,long suffering, bridesmaid.

"Checkout" Scene Three Supermarket Teashop Morning

Leanne and Mel continue with the battle of the bulge and Olive and Gwen come to a decision.

"Checkout" Scene Six

Mor and Dor have done a remarkable job on the kitchen!

"Checkout" Scene Five

Grayling...and her a Lay Preacher too!

"Checkout" Scene Four

Will the oak arrive on time? Will Grayling survive a night with the twins?

"Checkout" Scene Seven

Poor Leanne turned into a victim and by her best friend too!