First Day a Poem

First Days First Memory


Swaddled in soft baby blue

I cannot speak but I can see you

Squeezing in though crack and portal

Serpent mist you are immortal


I should not see you this I know

Your otherness, your dark secret ebb and flow

But she laid me face up toward the ceiling

I yearned for something more revealing 


I did not know no one told me

So I let curiosity unfold me

A flower yawning toward the sun

My new world had just begun


My mind sprang open my doors swung wide

There was nowhere left to hide

So I lay there paralyzed

Too late then I realized


The lock on the window and the lock on the door

Serve a most essential chore

As I lay helpless out it spread

Blackness coiling toward my bed


Rising now it climbs the rail

To choke me in its serpent tail

Blessed fear my brand new friend

Please come save me from certain end


Suddenly my room went white

Purified by bright sunlight

Adrift now in reality

I’m as a leaf plucked from a tree


Flying yes but falling free

Wondering what will become of me

This course terrain we call the Earth

Swollen sphere soon to give birth





To some new place I long to be

A place of global empathy

Where love is air and life is whole

A sea of peace wash pole to pole


Or is this wishful thinking

To distract me from the world that’s sinking

For I’ve no need to wonder why

Oh fallen Earth you mourn and cry


Every lava belch and new earthquake

Your tired worn crust surely is about to break 

Falling I from life’s pretense

A trespasser who’s jumped some astral fence


I see these things through mortal eyes

My innocence so quickly dies

For that’s how I see myself you see

An intruder in life’s mystery


Sitting in my comfort cell

And trying hard not to tell

Yet here I sit pounding keys

Pecking at life’s mysteries


And those that read each word I type

Must think I revel in foolish hype

But no that is not the case you see

I’m simply plagued by own strange history


This poem is not a fantasy

But a taunting tainting memory

Okay I said it clear and plain

You must think me quite insane


Anyway the truth is out

And now you know what I’m  about

If this is too much just let me know

I’ll log out and then I’ll go






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