His Story

The Ex-Gay Movement is Evangelical Christians who believe they can change gay people’s sexuality by questionable means, mostly emotional blackmail and pressure. The problem is they leave a trail of damaged souls in their wake. These six linked short stories follow Chris, a gay man who was involved with one of these ex-gay groups as a teenager, as he tries to come to terms with what was done to him in the name of Christianity.

1. Round One.

Chris wakes one Saturday morning to a feeling something is wrong.

2. Park Life.

Chris and his friend Kay are at a Pride Festival when he sees another handsome man, but what will he say to this man.

3. Dreaming.

Chris wakes from a nightmare, but one he’s had many times before, one that has its root in his very own fears.

4. Round Two

Chris has found himself a boyfriend, but this isn’t happy-ever-after; this is round two were history repeats itself but he’s in a different role.

5. Dinner Date

Kay and Nina are holding a dinner party and there’s someone they really want Chris to meet, Kay’s brother Ryan, but why?

6. Table Talk

Chris and Ryan meet for coffee, in a Soho Coffee Shop, as they do every fortnight; but for Chris things are finally beginning to change.