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I have 46 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 20533 times and 13 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Drew Payne

My stories


Letters from The Poet

Eve felt it was never ending the things that needed to be done after her mother's death. Her father, as he always did when faced with something he...

Fundraising Parties and Other Family Minefields.

Ryan stood at the back of the pub, trying to hide himself away at the end of the horseshoe-shaped bar, and knew he shouldn’t have come here. The...

Another Day Goes By

Alfie turned his key in the lock and then pushed the front door open. He was greeted by a dark and empty hallway, none of the lights had been turned...
Gold cherry

Crocuses in Spring

When I reached the grave, I saw the crocuses poking up through the grass. Their oval flowers and sharp, thin leaves were pushing apart the almost...

The First Night of Spring

Dog Rose moved silently across the neatly trimmed grass of the park, heading towards the locked gates on Manor Road. Tonight, he would take his route...