Jennifer Jane children's stories

Stories about Jennifer Jane, who eventually becomes a witch's apprentice and has various adventures in parallel worlds where magic really works. Originally written for my children 50 years ago and slightly updated to appeal today.


Beyond the Witches' Home 1/5

Jennifer Jane was walking along the path to the Giant's pool. As she approached, she could hear Barnacle Bill and the Giant chatting together. Barnacle Bill waved as soon as he saw her.

A flight too far 5/6

She explained that she was going to open a temporary door into another world. The winner of the race would be the first one through the door and it was up to her to make sure the winner was Tony.

A flight too far 1/6

The whole Bell family were feeling excited. Abigail had invited them all to stay at the Witches' Home for a long weekend.

A flight too far 2/6

She flew high enough to be able to see Lurgin's Bridge, the village, the timber yard and the local magic fog all at the same time. There was a rather pretty cloud formation away to the south.

A flight too far 3/6

Her parents had enjoyed the day at the Witches' Home each in their own fashion. However, when the time came for the evening meal and Jennifer Jane hadn't turned up, Mary started to get a bit worried.

A flight too far 6/6

Abigail took the time to go and collect her Sunday best cloak and pointed hat. "You never know when you may need to impress strangers," she grinned, when Mary protested at the delay.

A little knowledge 1/5

"Time's up," said the witch in charge of the navigation exam.

A little knowledge 3/5

Her Father came to meet her as she arrived home. "You look tired my girl, I think you ought to stay at home for the next few days."

A quiet day with Jennifer Jane 7/7

She was half way back to the goblin village, when she heard someone coming along the path towards her. Fortunately it was her father, who’d come to find her to say dinner was ready.

A quiet day with Jennifer Jane 1/7

“I really ought to do something about getting the bicycle saddles I promised Maddy and the other apprentices,” said Jennifer Jane, “would you mind driving me down to the shop dad and help me ch

A quiet day with Jennifer Jane 4/7

“There’s nice to see you all, come along Angharad don’t be shy, come out of there and meet some more of my friends.”

A quiet day with Jennifer Jane 6/7

She went along the forest paths with her parents until they reached the turning to the goblin village, then waved and ran off. “Shouldn’t be too long,” she called.

A quiet day with Jennifer Jane 5/7

“Ah well, show’s over for the day,” laughed Abigail, “but you really did look funny underneath that sweet little baby dragon!”

A recipe for cherry cake 2/4

When Mary arrived at the clearing in the woods, she asked to see Abigail.

A recipe for cherry cake 1/4

The day started ordinarily enough. Dave was clearing away the breakfast things as usual, while Jennifer Jane got ready for school. Mary was making sandwiches for Jennifer Jane's lunch.

A recipe for cherry cake 3/4

Once again Mary explained the day's events Abigail laughed, "He'll enjoy being in that freezer. I'll bet he hasn't felt that cold since Jennifer Jane made him."

A recipe for cherry cake 4/4

Mary hurried indoors. Jim had done his usual wonderful cleaning job and she only had to get the tea ready.

A walk round the Witches' Home 1/4

Jennifer Jane had decided to visit her friends at the Witches’ Home in her canoe.

A Walk round the Witches' Home 2/4

She laughed to herself; all that effort and all she’d managed to do was go round the building without seeing the castle side of the Home or the alternate world at all.

A Walk round the Witches' Home 4/4

“Please Ma’am, I came through the wishing fog in my canoe to visit my witch friends, but they were all too busy to talk to me.

A walk round the Witches' Home.

Should you be fortunate enough to be able to visit the Witches’ Home by whatever method, you’ll arrive on the lawn that leads from a river to the large old half timbered manor house.

A week with Peter 1/17

Sunday Jennifer Jane came down to breakfast full of ideas for things to do during Peter’s stay with the family.

A week with Peter 12/17

They picked themselves up. Neither of them was hurt although Peter seemed a bit shaken.

A week with Peter 13/17

There was a small hole in the wall right up near the ceiling. This gave just enough light for the children to look round their prison. One chair, a table and a bed were the only furniture.

A week with Peter 15/17

The missing children had not spent a pleasant night. In the morning, Peter had thought of standing on the table, then letting Jennifer Jane climb up on his shoulders.

A week with Peter 4/17

Jennifer Jane flew Peter over to the timber yard so that he could look at the sawmill.

A week with Peter 8/17

Jennifer Jane looked at Lieutenant Moonshine rather worriedly.

A week with Peter 10/17

“Right, giant’s castle next,” said Jennifer Jane as they rose in the air and waved goodbye to Tasmin. “You’ll be relieved to hear that he hardly talks at all.”

A week with Peter 14/17

Friday Abigail was rather surprised to see Jennifer Jane’s mum arrive at the Witches’ Home soon after breakfast. Mary explained that her daughter hadn’t come home the previous night.

A week with Peter 16/17

The witch snarled and threw a bolt of lightning at Abigail, which she deflected with a twiddle of her fingers.

A week with Peter 6/17

So she went off on her own to try and find Fern. Norman pointed to the top of the brig’s mainmast in answer to her question.

A week with Peter 11/17

Thursday The plan for the day was to explore the mountains that they’d seen in the distance yesterday from the giant’s castle.

Adam and Eve 2/5

The Gardeners went along to the wood and because the Bells always went the other way, they turned left just to make sure that no one would see them.

Adam and Eve 3/5

Eve, this time accompanied by her husband, once again took the bus to town and walked along the path which eventually led to the spot where Leah had opened the door to the alternate world.

Adam and Eve 5/5

That evening, at roughly the same time as Adam and Eve had arrived back at home, six red goblins met in the hills.

Adam and Eve 1/5

Eve lay quietly in bed going through the events of the last two days over and over again in her mind.

Adam and Eve 4/5

“’Ere wait a minute, who are you? You’re not goblins are you, how did you get down here?” Several of the customers suddenly appeared to wake up and begin to take an interest in events.

Baby brother 2/9

Sir George was whistling happily to himself as he drove his horse and cart back from Lower Dene towards Lurbridge.

Baby brother 3/9

Jennifer Jane had flown to Lurbridge and was sitting comfortably in the George and Dragons drinking her ginger beer.

Baby brother 4/9

Next morning she flew off to Lurbridge for her meeting with Sir George. She was still learning the words to Baby Brother as she went and had just got as far as: -

Baby brother 6/9

The next day she went off to the Witches’ Home as usual. Swotting for an exam is always hard work, so by lunchtime she was ready for another trip to Lurbridge.

Baby brother 8/9

The next day had been put aside for the prize giving and evening entertainment. All the parents including Dave and Mary had been invited.

Baby brother 9/9

As Jennifer Jane had expected, there were two main forms of entertainment.

Baby brother 1/9

The Witches’ Home was unusually quiet.

Baby brother 5/9

The arrow that had struck George in the chest was dangling loosely. He noticed the direction of Jennifer Jane’s look and laughed.

Barnacle Bill's tea party Part 1

Once they had returned from their summer holiday by the sea, the Bell family had all been busy at home, getting things straight in the house and garden.

Barnacle Bill's tea party Part 2

She didn't sit there very long, for soon in the distance she could hear the jangling of a bell and the chatter of lots of voices.

Beyond the Witches' Home 2/5

Esmerelda and Dulcibella sat miserably by their fire. They had a large cauldron full of water hanging from a tripod made of sticks and had been trying to get it to boil all morning.

Beyond the Witches' Home 3/5

Barnacle Bill woke with a start, then he remembered where he was and relaxed. He'd had a lovely tea and then gone out onto the lawn and sat down on a deckchair to admire his paddle steamer.

Beyond the Witches' Home 4/5

They all walked back to the river side of the Witches' Home and sat down on the lawn. Jennifer Jane gave a little shiver.

Beyond the Witches' Home 5/5

Abigail stood up. "Come along, you two. Barnacle Bill, you can come and be a witness."

Captain Blizzard to the rescue 1/7

Jennifer Jane was sitting quietly in a tree house at the far end of her dad’s garden.

Captain Blizzard to the rescue 3/7

“If we’re going to the rescue we may as well be on our way,” explained Blizzard, “although this cloud is very fast, it still takes us an hour to get to Scotland.”

Captain Blizzard to the rescue 4/7

However there was still a problem. Looking round she couldn‘t feel any wind at all from any direction.

Captain Blizzard to the rescue 5/7

She nodded happily. “It’s not much of a breeze but there’s an west wind blowing here. If I get the cloud to follow the direction, I’m certain to find the West Wind himself eventually.”

Captain Blizzard to the rescue 2/7

She was quite right as well. Out of the greyness above her fell one end of a rope ladder, this began swaying as if someone was climbing down towards her.

Jennifer Jane meets the giant Part 1

Jennifer Jane woke up with a start in the middle of the night.

Jennifer Jane meets the giant Part 2

She arrived just in time for her lunch, feeling very nearly as miserable as the poor giant.

Jennifer meets the Clerk of the weather part 1

One beautiful sunny morning, Jennifer Jane was out in the garden playing at Hop, Skip and Jump with her shadow.

Jennifer Jane meets the Clerk of the weather Part 2

Sitting up in front, guiding the cloud along, was Frosty, her very own snowman!

Jennifer Jane's summer holiday Part 1

The summer holidays had come at last and dad was going to take the family down to their riverside cottage in Essex for two whole weeks.

Jennifer Jane's summer holiday Part 2

It was only two days after Jennifer Jane had seen the giant when dad came home from the office and said, "I hope you've finished packing, Mary. We're going to start our holiday tomorrow."

Jennifer Jane's summer holiday part 4

Jennifer Jane watched excitedly as he lit the boiler fire with a match. Soon it was bubbling merrily and the hiss of steam began to get louder.

Jennifer Jane and the fireworks 1/3

November the fifth wasn't too far away and although Jennifer Jane had been watching most carefully, it didn't look as though her Father had brought any fireworks home.

Jennifer Jane and the fireworks 2/3

Jennifer Jane was very grateful, but before she went she asked politely if she could have a short ride in the paddle steamer.

Jennifer Jane's good deed 2/2

Jennifer Jane remembered that she would have to cry salt tears into the pool while the giant was away. The trouble was that she had no idea how to make herself cry.

Jennifer Jane fixes the tap 2/3

"Have you tried blocking up the ends of the taps?" she asked at last.

Jennifer Jane and the dinghy race 1/4

"Oh, I like sailing over the sea, so let go the jibsheets and hellum alee," sang Jennifer Jane's dad.

Jennifer Jane and the dinghy race 2/4

As usual, he was very pleased to see her canoe arrive in his secret harbour on Attersea Island. Jennifer Jane explained the trouble to him.

Jennifer Jane and the dinghy race 3/4

All the goblin workers turned round and stared in surprise as "Drawrof" covered the last few yards to the slipway. One of them came over and helped Jennifer Jane out of her canoe.

Jennifer Jane and the dinghy race 4/4

It was beginning to grow darker and over to her right she could just see a thin plume of smoke and a red light leaving Attersea Island.

Jennifer Jane and the Wish Warehouse 1/3

It was a miserable autumn day. The rain was pouring down the windows and Jennifer Jane and her parents were sitting in their living room, very bored and trying to think of things to do.

Jennifer Jane and the Wish Warehouse 2/3

Jennifer Jane smiled politely and stepped down. "I do hope I haven't caused any trouble," she said, "but I was really trying to see Barnacle Bill."

Jennifer Jane and the Wish Warehouse 3/3

A young boy of about Jennifer Jane's age suddenly came running down the path leading to the pool. "Hello, young Dave," called the giant and Barnacle Bill together.

Jennifer Jane meets the North wind 1/3

Barnacle Bill was having a lovely time. He was busy showing somebody round his beautiful new paddle steamer, which was something he always enjoyed doing.

Jennifer Jane meets the North wind 2/3

Well, Jennifer Jane was most interested, as you may imagine. Something wrong with the steam whistle that Barnacle Bill was so proud of?

Jennifer Jane meets the North wind 3/3

"That Lieutenant Moonshine must have been watching in her crystal ball," said Jennifer Jane, "so I suppose this is where the North Wind lives." "Of course it is," whispered a voice.

Jennifer Jane and the witch's broomstick 2/2

"Well?" said the witch. "Easy," said Jennifer Jane, "all we have to do is go to the goblin broom maker and get you a new broom and then use one of my wishes to make it fly you home."

Jennifer Jane and the Tooth fairy 1/6

Jennifer Jane had a loose tooth! Have you ever had a loose tooth? Well then, you'll know exactly how she felt. She just couldn't stop jiggling it with her tongue.

Jennifer Jane and the Tooth fairy 2/6

When they arrived back home Jennifer Jane couldn't wait. "Can I play in the woods for the rest of the day?" she asked. "Yes of course but remember to be home by teatime."

Jennifer Jane and the Tooth fairy 3/6

He wasn't all that surprised to see her suddenly appear in his living room. After all, goblins are used to magic folk and sudden appearances by friends were not all that unusual.

Jennifer Jane and the Tooth fairy 4/6

"'You see,' continued the Oldest Goblin, in his dragon voice, 'We dragons eat humans partly because they taste nice, especially the tender young ones and partly because they're full of the crunchy bit

Jennifer Jane and the Tooth fairy 6/6

Jennifer Jane found herself alone outside a cave in the mountainside, feeling just a little bit frightened.

Jennifer Jane and the treasure 1/5

"I hope tomorrow's a nice day," said Dad when he came home on Friday. "We need to tidy up the garden before winter really comes. Would you like to help me with it?"

Jennifer Jane and the treasure 2/5

The whole family felt excited when they went to bed that night. Jennifer Jane couldn't get to sleep for a long time but she was just beginning to drop off when she heard an unusual noise.

Jennifer Jane and the treasure 4/5

Clarence walked out of his cave. "What's going on out here?" he said. "Why, hello, it's that jolly nice little human gel, Jennifer Thingummy."

Jennifer Jane and the treasure 5/5

Jennifer Jane lifted the broomstick and ran forwards. Reaching up, she started to tickle Clarence under his wings.

The tale of Jumping Jim 2/3

The Oldest Goblin leaned back in his chair and laughed until he cried.

The tale of Jumping Jim 3/3

"Things were fine for a time but slowly humans started to invent nasty, smelly machines to do their hard work for them.

Jennifer Jane takes to the air 1/4

Jennifer Jane was bored. It didn't happen very often but she had been to visit the goblin village and for once, everyone was too busy to spend any time with her.

Jennifer Jane takes to the air 2/4

"Help, help!" called Jennifer Jane as soon as she could. Thank goodness Dad had made her learn to swim before he allowed her out in her canoe.

Jennifer Jane takes to the air 3/4

"Motor!" said the captain; "you don't have engines on real ships. Nasty, noisy, smelly things. No fear, if a ship is properly rigged and handled, you don't need engines."

Jennifer Jane takes to the air 4/4

Jennifer Jane went across and got on board the steamer. The Captain came with her.

The Witch's Apprentice 2/4

The witch turned out to be Abigail. She flew up close to the giant and hovered level with his shoulder, then she held out her hand to Jennifer Jane.

The Witch's Apprentice 3/4

It was nearly dark inside but there was a small red lamp shining just inside the door.

The Witch's Apprentice 4/4

"Now let's go inside and see if we can make friends again with Lieutenant Moonshine," said Abigail and Jennifer Jane followed her through the door.

The Motorway Protest 1/7

"Good heavens! They're going to build a motorway right behind our house." Dad handed the local paper to his wife

The Motorway Protest 2/7

The roadworks continued very slowly because the Clerk of the Weather kept the rain falling day and night. Jennifer Jane kept asking her Dad what was happening.

The Motorway Protest 4/7

A bright red dragon came out of the cave to watch. Jennifer Jane looked at her carefully.

The Motorway Protest 5/7

When they arrived, everything had changed. Nearly everybody had gone and there was just a circle of seven witches facing each other, pointing to the middle of the circle and wiggling their fingers.

The Motorway Protest 6/7

Jennifer Jane couldn't wait until the following weekend, but at last it was Saturday. She went right through the wood to see for herself how the work was progressing.

Jennifer Jane and the Motorway Protest 7/7

The giant came over to Abigail slowly and carefully, looking down to make sure he didn't tread on anybody. "How can I help, ma'am?"

Jennifer Jane and the Crown Jewels 1/6

Jennifer Jane was looking through a bundle of old drawings in the museum. Her Father had gone to visit his friend and had taken her to London with him.

Jennifer Jane and the Crown Jewels 2/6

Clarence came out of his cave. "Can't a chap get some sleep round here?" he asked. "You're not due for another week yet."

Jennifer Jane and the Crown Jewels 3/6

The play went splendidly. The crown was thrown to the floor two nights running with a very satisfactory thud.

Jennifer Jane and the Crown Jewels 4/6

A large red dragon's head popped out of the cave mouth. "What's all this hello Clarence, then? Oh, I might have guessed. Hello, Jennifer bach."

Jennifer Jane and the Crown Jewels 6/6

"Well, I'll be blowed," said the Giant, "heard of white dragons, of course but blessed if I ever thought I'd see one. Come from furrin parts, they do."

The Party 1/5

"Now don't you forget," said Dad, "you tell your friends that we're having a party for them next Saturday afternoon. I'll be very disappointed if they don't all come."

The Party 2/5

They were soon on the lawn behind the home. An apprentice witch came across as Jennifer Jane jumped down from the cloud. "Can I help you?" she asked.

The Party 3/5

By the time Saturday arrived, Dad had bought lots of paper plates and cups, put up trestle tables at the end of the garden and borrowed two more barbecue sets from his friends, "to feed the five thous

The Party 4/5

Some of the sailors came into the circle and Barnacle Bill started playing a hornpipe. While the sailors danced, everyone else clapped in time to the music.

The Party 5/5

A moment later, Jennifer Jane ran out of the wood. "Here I am," she called. Everyone looked round and applauded.

The adopton of Cyril 1/4

Tornak the Terrible sat in his cave, trying to make his son finish his breakfast. "If you don't eat it all up, you'll never grow up big and strong like me.

The adoption of Cyril 2/3

The witch on guard duty at the Witches’ Home looked out of the gatehouse window and yawned. Nothing exciting ever happened.

The adoption of Cyril 3/4

Cyril smiled happily. "Much better than peasants," he lisped. Suddenly he sat down with a most surprised expression on his face and hiccupped. A flame about a foot long shot out of each nostril.

The adoption of Cyril 4/4

"My name's Cyril and I've just learnt to flame this afternoon," said Cyril proudly.

The taming of Tornak the Terrible 1/5

John always looked forward to Wednesday because that was his day to be on dragon watch.

The taming of Tornak the Terrible 3/5

The little group walked along the path towards the bridge. As they arrived, Esmerelda pushed Jennifer Jane to the front.

The taming of Tornak the terrible 4/5

John the woodcutter was having a day he would remember and talk about for the rest of his life.

The taming of Tornak the Terrible 5/5

Jennifer Jane explained that dragons only needed to eat people to keep their fires alight, so that they could guard their treasure.

The last of Lurgin 2/9

Jennifer Jane had decided to spend the morning visiting Megan to see how Cyril was getting on.

The last of Lurgin 3/9

The Knight in question was plodding along the road to the village at Lurgin's Bridge. He was deep in thought and as usual, his horse was whinnying and neighing a lot.

The last of Lurgin 4/7

Jack had recovered from the first shock of seeing a real live dragon and couldn't really believe that Clarence wouldn't let him go, so he was happily sketching various items of treasure, while Clarenc

The last of Lurgin 5/7

For the first time that anyone could remember, there were two witches on duty in the guardhouse at the Gate. Something very strange was happening.

The last of Lurgin 6/7

"I think you ought to take Jennifer Jane home and see what's going on at the Wish Warehouse, while you're at it," said the senior witch. "I'll get some of the apprentices to repair the drawbridge.

The last of Lurgin 7/7

Jack was getting really worried. It seemed that Clarence was quite serious about not letting him return home.

Fred moves in 1/4

The day that was to change the environment of Scotland started ordinarily enough. Breakfast was nearly over in Jennifer Jane's house.

Fred moves in 2/4

Jennifer Jane had already made up her mind about finding the strange dragon.

Fred moves in 3/4

Jennifer Jane climbed up on his back and wished for a wide path leading to the giants' pool.

Fred moves in 4/4

"Gosh what a story," said Fred," are you sure it's all for me?"

Forget me Knott settles down 1/5

1313 Knott, F.M. Corporal, late of the Wish Warehouse sat on her suitcase sobbing quietly.

Forget me Knott settles down 2/5

Then things started to happen rather quickly. The current pushed in between the boat and the quayside just as Barnacle Bill had intended and the paddle steamer spun round.

Forget me Knott settles down 3/5

"It's much easier on a boat," said Abigail, "you can't afford to make mistakes, especially on a dark and stormy night," she added with a grin.

Forget me Knott settles down 4/5

At the end of the third day, the paddle steamer approached a coastline and Barnacle Bill stopped the engines while Fern went up on the foredeck and dropped the anchor.

Forget me Knott settles down 5/5

"Full ahead," called Barnacle Bill.

Sir George in Spain 1/5

Abigail was really excited about her first job as a journey-woman. She had been given a very unusual and important task to perform.

Sir George in Spain 2/5

Sir George was feeling depressed. He was still riding in search of adventure, looking for wrongs to right and dragons to slay, but everywhere he went, the story was the same.

Sir George in Spain 3/5

The horse was having much the same thoughts. "Just looking for trouble as usual, and guess who has to do all the hard work.

Sir George in Spain 4/5

His horse started to neigh and whinny as they continued together up the path towards the top of the hill.

Sir George in Spain 5/5

Sir George relaxed and after a small first bite, ate his swiss roll with great enthusiasm.

Sir George goes home 1/8

After leaving Abigail, George rode Northwards across open country for several days. Although he couldn't speak Spanish, he found the local farmers very helpful.

Sir George goes home 2/8

"Perhaps they have need of my assistance," he said, "adventure at last in this strange land."

Sir George goes home 3/8

The Great Alfredo, owner and ring master of Alfredo's Amazing Circus, (afternoon performances Wednesday and Saturday, children half price), sat miserably on the steps of his caravan with his chin in

Sir George goes home 4/8

"Please Dad can we go to the circus this afternoon?" asked Jennifer Jane.

Sir Georger goes home 5/8

Jennifer Jane spotted George leading his horse over to the tent which was used as a stable. "Sir George," she called, "wait a minute, it's Jennifer Jane."

Sir George goes home 6/8

Framed in the entrance to the tent was the massive figure of a knight on horseback in full armour. The plume in his helmet nodding slightly in the breeze from outside the tent.

Sir George goes home 7/8

The sailing season was over, holidays had finished and Jennifer Jane was back at school. Everything at home had settled into the normal routine.

Sir George goes home 8/8

"I wish it could," replied Jennifer Jane with a smile.

The making of a sailor 3/10

"Morning Norman, I always forget that first bend into the creek," said Jonah with a happy smile. He looked curiously at Fern. "Fairies in the yard now?" he asked.

The making of a sailor 4/10

Fern went aboard the Black Cat early next morning and made herself a comfortable space in the sail locker. Then she went ashore to thank Norman for letting her go on such an exciting trip.

The making of a sailor 5/10

As the boat grounded, Fern and the other goblins jumped out and held her steady.

The making of a sailor 6/10

From that time onwards Fern stood her turn at the wheel and soon became quite confident in handling the Black Cat.

The making of a sailor 7/10

Fern was in for some more surprises. Walking along the pier towards the Black Cat was an ordinary looking human.

The making of a sailor 8/10

But the next morning there was a thick fog over the river. "Can't set sail in this weather, we wouldn't be able to tell when we'd reached the magic fog and then we'd not be able to get home."

The making of a sailor 10/10

The Black Cat set sail the next morning in clear sunshine and had soon passed through the magic fog to the Therdle estuary.

The third world 1/10

Esmerelda and Dulcibella were going to try out a new sort of magic. "One of them finger twiddles like that lot do up at the Gate"

The third world 2/10

"It's not like Jennifer Jane to be late," said her mother, "she promised she'd be home in time for dinner today."

The third world 5/10

"Any luck?" asked Mary. "Not this time, but I think I know how to check if the alignment of the frame is correct without having to go through and check each time."

The third world 6/10

Jennifer Jane followed Mary and Dave into the kitchen. She was sure now that they were not her real parents and that she must be in a parallel world much like her own home.

The third world 7/10

Next morning dawned bright and sunny with a nice sailing breeze from the west. Jennifer Jane washed, put on her own clothes and ran up to the sea wall to look at the water.

The third world 8/10

Back at the Witches' Home, Abigail was discussing plans for tomorrow with Jennifer Jane's Mum and Dad. She described the park with the swings and boating pond.

The third world 9/10

Mary and Dave spent the rest of the day looking round the Witches' Home. They heard the story of how Lurgin was killed and were given a splinter of wood from the original drawbridge as a souvenir.

The third world 10/10

Jennifer Jane woke up on Monday morning feeling excited. Her 'parents' had invited Jack from the museum and a scientist friend to try and help her return to her real home.

The Rules of Combat 1/10

William the blacksmith from the village of Hetherside, whistled happily as he walked into the Boneswood.

The rules of combat 2/10

Jennifer Jane was enjoying herself doing her homework. She was reading a copy of 'The Manual of Witchcraft Vol.1. Apprenticeship’.

The rules of combat 3/10

"Good morning," she said. "Hello deary," said the little old lady, "would you like to buy one of my juicy red apples?" "No thanks I've only just had breakfast."

The rules of combat 4/10

One of the senior witches came to meet her as she walked across the lawn from the paddle steamer.

The rules of combat 5/10

Jennifer Jane crossed over while the owner of the voice was still speaking and had a quick peep under the arch. A troll was there all right, reading aloud from a printed sheet of paper.

The rules of combat 6/10

George found the villagers of Hetherside living in fear as they always had before the dragons’ conversion to eating coal.

The rules of combat 7/10

"Well blow me down," said Jennifer Jane's Dad, looking out of the kitchen window where he was washing up the breakfast dishes. Riding along the back garden towards the house was a man on horseback.

The rules of combat 8/10

A few days later Jennifer Jane took her Dad's drawing and went through the Witches' Home to the George and Dragons. "I don't think much of your new troll," she said to the landlord.

The rules of combat 9/10

George waved to the cheering villagers of Hetherside for the second time in a week, as he rode through on his way to fight the witch.

The rules of combat 10/10

Jennifer Jane had left the blacksmith at Lurgin's bridge and gone to talk to the troll. She went down the riverbank and looked under the bridge. "Hello Gordon," she said.

The day nothing much happened 1/4

"Wow, look at these new jambing cleats!" Jennifer Jane's Dad passed round the latest yachting magazine to show the family.

The day nothing much happened 3/4

Jennifer Jane's Mum stood still, wondering how she ought to go about making a wish. 'I want to meet the Tooth Fairy,' she thought but nothing happened.

The day nothing much happened 4/4

Mary was most relieved that Lieutenant Moonshine had cheered up again and seemed to think that her idea was good one. However her surprises for the day were not over yet.

The pirates of Attersea 1/8

"Come to order please." The Chairman of the Davy Jones' Shipping Company banged his gavel on the table to emphasise the point and the babble of conversation round the table stopped.

The pirates of Attersea 2/8

"My turn to wish," said Dave, "I always enjoy this bit. We want to go to the Th..Ther....Therd.....elchoo," he sneezed, "oh drat I hope they heard that alright at the Wish Warehouse."

The pirates of Attersea 3/8

"Tea all round and a piece of cake," said Mary, as she went forward into the cabin.

The pirates of Attersea 4/8

The schooner continued for fifty yards or so while the goblin crew argued on her deck. Then she swung round onto the same course as Dave's boat and quickly came up alongside.

The pirates of Attersea 5/8

The schooner continued sailing north for the rest of the day. The brig had slowly fallen behind and then given up the chase and turned away southwards.

The pirates of Attersea 6/8

Dave was carrying a shopping bag in one hand, and an outboard engine in the other. He also had a big smile on his face as he came back over the drawbridge to rejoin Abigail and Jennifer Jane.

The pirates of Attersea 7/8

"Now then, I'll do all the wishing so that there's no more mistakes,” said Abigail. "Therdle river in this world please. Never hurts to be polite", she added.

The pirates of Attersea 8/8

Dave motored past them again and went up the creek until he could see the boatyard. Two whalers full of goblin workmen were waiting for him to appear.

The pirate cannon 1/7

Abigail had left the Bell family to try and think of a way to find the persons responsible for supplying the pirates with their cannon.

The pirate cannon 2/7

Dave was sailing the lugger Misty Magic down the Therdle to the goblin boatyard. He smiled as he passed over the mudflat at the creek entrance, remembering the recent battle with the pirates.

The pirate cannon 3/7

Mary left Abigail and Jennifer Jane to have their chat and went through the Witches' Home and over the drawbridge.

The pirate cannon 6/7

Jennifer Jane suddenly remembered the main reason for the family's day out. "Could you make cannons?" she asked.

The pirate cannon 7/7

Abigail sat back in her chair with a smile. "How about another cup of tea and a round of chocolate swiss rolls, or perhaps Mary would like to make us a cherry cake!"

The Magician's lecture 1/7

"Well done," said Abigail, "that's the lot. Now if you'd like to go upstairs to the Refectory and get us both a cup of tea and something to eat, I'll tidy up down here."

The Magician's lecture 2/7

He waited as some of the passengers helped her climb on board and then picked them all up and strode off towards Lurgin's Bridge and the Witches' Home.

The Magician's lecture 3/7

Abigail was nearly as excited as Jennifer Jane.

The Magician's lecture 4/7

Abigail looked round at the Home. Her apprentice was quite right, impossible though it seemed. The countryside beyond the castle looked strange as well.

The magician's lecture 5/7

The horse with his double load, trotted along the path towards the giant's castle. As he approached Tornak's cave Tasmin popped her head out to see who was coming by.

The Magician's lecture 6/7

Chaos reigned at the Wish Warehouse. The crystal ball that was used to check the effect of important spells, had become cloudy so that nothing could be seen.

The wizard's revenge 1/11

Jennifer Jane had been kept indoors by her Mother until she'd tidied her room.

The wizard's revenge 3/11

Very early the next morning the Skipper banged on Fern's door. "Tide turns in half an hour, on deck and look lively now!"

The wizard's revenge 5/11

Jennifer Jane followed her captor onto the deck. Another man in a blue uniform and peaked cap smothered with braid came to meet them. “This the kid?” he asked.

The wizard's revenge 6/11

Jennifer Jane didn’t need to be told twice. She ran down to the quayside and away from the ships as quickly as she could. She had to walk for some distance, before she saw what she was looking for.

The wizard's revenge 7/11

Back at the George and Dragons the crowd were dispersing sadly.

The wizard's revenge 10/11

She had to wait until nine o'clock the next morning for the 'taxi' to arrive. It turned out to be a pony and trap. Thank goodness it had stopped raining and looked like being a nice day.

The wizard's revenge 11/11

'Very few things in this life are ever straightforward,' her parents had told her, on more than one occasion. The situation before her as she turned the corner proved the truth of this statement.

The second attempt 1/8

'Boring isn't really the right word', Jennifer Jane thought to herself.

The second attempt 2/8

Half an hour later she paddled out of the fog into the Therdle. She could see no signs of life as she neared the harbour where Barnacle Bill kept his paddle steamer.

The second attempt 3/8

The dinghy foamed along against the tide and once they were level with the coastguard cottage Fern crossed the river to the opposite bank.

The second attempt 4/8

The next morning, Jennifer Jane helped tidy the boat to get her ready for sailing again. She was so obviously enjoying herself that Fern took pity on her.

The second attempt 5/8

The entire crew of the good ship Jayjay strolled into the town. Both members were happily window shopping when Jennifer Jane spotted a poster.

The second attempt 6/8

A roll of drums from the band brought two men into the ring carrying a circular glass table on a pedestal stand. As they ran off there was a flash and a bang.

The second attempt 7/8

Fern could see Jennifer Jane's figure quite clearly through the translucent panels of the box.

The second attempt 8/8

Dave and Mary had just settled themselves for their night time drinks before going to bed, when there was a knock on the kitchen door.

The chain of coincidences 1/11

As usual on a Wednesday morning, the 'Holmwood Advertiser' arrived on the doormat of the Bell household as well as the daily papers.

The chain of coincidences 2/11

Malcolm the wizard sat gloomily on the steps of his caravan eating fish and chips. Two weeks ago he'd been famous in a small way as 'Mephisto the Magnificent'.

The chain of coincidences 3/11

Jennifer Jane ran excitedly along the forest path leading to the goblin village.

The chain of coincidences 5/11

"Thought so, those cakes must have been produced by conjuring. Very clever sleight of hand but it doesn't prove anything," said Professor Edwards.

The chain of coincidences 6/11

Malcolm the wizard was feeling a lot happier. He thought he'd solved the problem of the re-appearing brat.

The chain of coincidences 8/11

Jennifer Jane woke up with a thumping headache. She opened her eyes and wondered where on earth she could be.

The chain of coincidences 9/11

Just before the twenty minutes were up, a small shiny vehicle came along the concrete towards her. It was very different from the cars that she'd seen on her previous visit.

The chain of coincidences 10/11

Peter looked round curiously. "I've never seen so many trees in all my life. The air smells different somehow as well." Jennifer Jane led him along the path to the giant's pool.

The chain of coincidences 11/11

Jennifer Jane grabbed a roll of self-adhesive tape from one of the kitchen drawers, ran out into the garden and wrapped layers of tape round his fingers and hands, at the same time tying his wrists to

There's no place like home 1/9

Jennifer Jane sat with her chin in her hands, gloomily watching the rain pour down.

There's no place like home 2/9

“Whatever is the matter?” she asked.

There's no place like home 3/9

“The goblins at home have asked me if I can help them feed the local giant, I thought an enlarging box similar to the one made for the giant in the alternate world would be the answer.

There's no place like home 4/9

Two weeks later the great day arrived. Abigail had returned from her travels and came to see her apprentice in action.

There's no place like home 5/9

The next day Jennifer Jane was kept busy at home and wasn’t able to visit the giant until the early afternoon. As she approached the pool she was expecting to hear him crying contentedly.

There's no place like home 6/9

“That’s an unusual name for a witch!”

There's no place like home 7/9

Fundin eventually turned up three days later.

There's no place like home 8/9

It was another three days before Jennifer Jane was able to visit the giant again. After all, she had a lot of homework to catch up with!

Star polishing 1/11

The witch on guard duty at the Witches’ Home looked round as Jennifer Jane came in from the courtyard.

Star polishing 3/11

Esmerelda put out the fire, which wasn’t too difficult since it never burned very well in any case and then had a careful look round before leaving.

Star polishing 4/11

The next day her parents kept her busy, so she wasn’t able to find the time to have a better look at Esme’s cottage.

Star polishing 7/11

She went back to the inn and waited outside until she caught the landlord’s eye. She didn’t want to make any more fuss in case the officer of the Watch was still there.

Star polishing 8/11

“I didn’t think you had,” replied Richard, “my wife thought it peculiar that you suddenly turned up wearing those strange clothes, asking for a job.”

Star polishing 9/11

Several loud bangs woke her the next morning. She sat up with a start and then relaxed as she realised where she was. Work for her didn’t start at seven o’clock this morning!

Star polishing 10/11

Jennifer Jane followed the two witches as they folded their deckchairs and carried their bags up the beach towards the cottage. Esme opened the front gate and let her through first.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 1/13

A tremendous crash and then the sound of rushing water above her head woke Jennifer Jane with a start. Then she relaxed as she remembered she was aboard a Davy Jones brig on its trial run.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 2/13

By the time she’d found her cabin and looked out of the porthole, the brig had rounded the point and was entering the main river.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 3/13

It was quite late the next day, before she was allowed on deck. The captain was busy talking to the mate and just told Fern to ‘Show the kid over the ship.’

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 5/13

Once the boat and its crew were back on board the Mary Belle, the captain took one look at the cork and sent Fern down to his cabin to fetch a corkscrew.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 7/13

It was surprisingly easy to make progress. She soon found a rather narrow but well-defined path, leading towards the mountain.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 9/13

Fern watched as Jennifer Jane walked across the beach and entered the jungle. “I suppose she’ll be alright,” said the captain.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 8/13

She sat down and began to eat her sandwiches while she was waiting. She tried to question Fred about the purpose of the dragons meeting, but he didn’t seem to be too sure himself.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 10/13

They were all back at work early the next morning. The crew turned the brig so that the bow pointed towards the shore, then laid out two anchors from the stern.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 11/13

Barnacle Bill was worn out and so thirsty he couldn’t talk properly. After he’d had a drink, Fern helped him to his feet, then picked him up and carried him to the boat.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 12/13

The voyage home went smoothly after that. Barnacle Bill took Jennifer Jane and one of the sailors from the brig to help him sail his paddle steamer, following in the brig’s wake.

The maiden voyage of the Mary Belle 13/13

As soon as Fern mentioned her father, Jennifer Jane began smiling happily.

Dragon Games 1/4

A dragon stood on the rim of an extinct volcano crater, watching the brig Mary Belle, closely followed by a paddle steamer; leave the island where Barnacle Bill had recently been cast ashore.

Dragon Games 3/4

Because of the delay caused by the need to re-float Barnacle Bill’s paddle steamer, the dragons only had two days left for their holiday before returning to their treasure guarding.

Dragon Games 4/4

The dragons waited until the tide was half way out before starting the competition to see which of them could flame the furthest distance.

The Witches of Holmwood 1/7

“Wrap one piece of newspaper round each plate, then stack the plates and give them to your father.”

The Witches of Holmwood 2/7

Eve noticed both Jennifer Jane and her mum’s surprise. “Dressing up clothes for amateur dramatics,” she explained, “is there a group in the village?”

The Witches of Holmwood 3/7

The feeling that the new neighbours were a little unusual soon left Jennifer Jane’s mind. A new thought came into her head the next morning when she woke up.

The Witches of Holmwood 4/7

After breakfast Dave did the washing up as usual, all the while complaining about the difficulty of getting a decent edge on mum’s knives.

The Witches of Holmwood 5/7

There wasn’t really anything that Jennifer Jane could do to help her dad, as he began putting the grinding wheel stand back together.

The Witches of Holmwood 7/7

The cloud arrived at the Bell home long before Abigail Everyone thanked Frosty for his help and he flew off back to the Wish Warehouse.

Happy Valley 1/8

With the whole of the Bell family aboard, the lugger Misty Magic sailed out of the transport fog and headed for the Witches’ Home quayside.

Happy Valley 2/8

The spell turned out to be one of the simplest that Jennifer Jane had ever seen.

Happy Valley 3/8

“Probably a goblin, or maybe mum’s coming back to find out where we’ve got to.” They were both wrong. The footsteps turned out to belong to Eve, their new next door neighbour.

Happy Valley 4/8

The next day Jennifer Jane went by herself to the Witches’ Home to admire her new outfit. She first had a word with Abigail but found that Megan’s egg wasn’t expected to hatch for some time.

Happy Valley 6/8

“I’m not a goblin at all, I’m a witch from the Gate near Lurgin’s bridge.”

Happy Valley 7/8

She did her best to try and sleep on the floor, with her head resting on her bicycle saddle and must have dropped off, because the next morning her plan for escape was firmly in her head.

Happy Valley 5/8

Jennifer Jane climbed back on her broom and wished the man good luck in his new home. She flew off thinking that it would probably be just as well to keep out of his way for some time.

Happy Valley 8/8

At last she could see the Witches’ Home in the distance. The wind was blowing her first one way and then the other, but in general terms she seemed to be heading for Timber creek.

Summer school 1/9

“I know it wasn’t very kind to the poor girl, but it really was rather funny.”

Summer school 2/9

The witch in charge made a short speech of welcome and then dismissed the students.

Summer school 3/9

After breakfast the following morning, all the apprentices were told to assemble outside the broom shed for a check on the condition of their flying brooms. Jennifer Jane put up her hand.

Summer school 5/9

“Fetch your brooms please,” called the teacher, “this will be a lesson in flight control and navigation.”

Summer school 6/9

From then onwards the trip home was easy; after all she’d only recently made the same flight, when she’d floated back to the home a few weeks back. What a bit of luck!

Summer school 7/9

From that moment onwards time seemed to pass uneventfully, although Jennifer Jane eventually noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to answer any questions put to the class.

Summer school 9/9

That evening Abigail came to see Jennifer Jane just as the apprentices were tidying their books away at the end of the homework period.

The trouble with elves 2/10

Jennifer Jane was packing up ready to go home after the summer school had finished. There seemed to be a lot more than she’d brought when she’d arrived a fortnight ago.

The trouble with elves 3/10

“Pleased to meet you,” Jennifer Jane said in a rather shaky voice, she was beginning to feel quite worried now. “How can I help you?”

The trouble with elves 4/10

Jennifer Jane laughed quietly, it sounded as if Gordon was getting used to his job as the village bridge keeper.

The trouble with elves 5/10

Thankfully her request to go to the fog in the Therdle worked normally and she was soon flying up the stream towards Wilfred and his pool.

The trouble with elves 6/10

Wilfred still didn’t notice her as she flew past him for the second time, on her way back to the fog.

The trouble with elves 7/10

An apprentice witch was called and told to take her to the senior witch on duty for the day.

The trouble with elves 9/10

Abigail and Mary flew off to the Witches’ Home where Eroin and his mother had been sent. It took them about two hours and Mary began to complain about feeling uncomfortable.

The trouble with elves 10/10

Everyone crowded on to Abigail’s broom. “Hold on,” she said, “I’m going to use the instant travel spell. It’s safe enough when you’re as familiar with the Home as I am!”

Open day at the Witches' Home 1/10

Eve was standing at one of her upstairs windows looking down into the Bell's garden. “Adam, come here a moment will you?” she called, before going down stairs to wait for him to come indoors.

Open day at the Witches' Home 2/10

For the next day or two, Eve found the time to go to the woods as soon as she saw Jennifer Jane walking along her garden.

Open day at the Witches' Home 3/10

She didn’t have to wait too long. To her surprise both Jennifer Jane and her father turned up, pushing a battered old motor scooter with a large lumpy bag on the rider’s platform.

Open day at the Witches' Home 4/10

“Hey Dulce, how about going to this open day thing over at the Gate, should be a bit of a lark!” “Yers, rightyho”

Open day at the Witches' Home 5/10

Eve watched through a narrow space between the partly open cabin doors.

Open day at the Witches' Home 6/10

Dulcibella had been looking at Eve closely; all the while she and Esme had been talking. “Ever seen a dragon? she asked suddenly.

Open day at the Witches' Home 7/10

“Hello you two, I see you’ve brought a friend with you today. I haven’t met you before have I? My name’s Tasmin, what should I call you?”

Open day at the Witches' Home 8/10

Once again, she nearly fell off the broom in shock, as they flew straight through the huge open doorway and landed on a large flat wooden area just inside.

Open day at the Witches' Home 9/10

The witch happened to be Abigail who had hurried back from one of her journey-woman assignments to help out with the open day arrangements.

The 75th Magic Show 1/8

Towing her canoe on its trolley behind her, Jennifer Jane walked along the woodland paths, on her way to Wilfred’s pool.

The 75th Magic Show 2/8

The flying carpet whizzed along the stream towards the fog, flying just above the treetops. Just as they reached the end of the trees, Polly tapped Robert on the shoulder and pointed down.

The 75th Magic Show 3/8

When she arrived at the Home, Abigail was waiting for her and was nearly as excited as she was. “Can’t wait to try out your latest contraption,” she said, “can I drive?”

The 75th Magic Show 4/8

Jennifer Jane and Abigail walked over to the travelator. It was rather like an escalator in a large store, only it went along the ground.

The 75th Magic Show 6/8

They continued wandering round the show.

The 75th Magic Show 7/8

“E.O.G. Mary, E.O.G!”

The 75th Magic Show 8/8

It was quite fun sailing on an old fashioned fishing boat. There was a fresh breeze blowing, but even so, the boat was moving very slowly in Jennifer Jane’s opinion.

The Imposter 1/9

It was Mary Bell’s turn to have a coffee morning. Her next door neighbour was chatting away happily.

The Imposter 2/9

Jennifer Jane unrolled her gift wondering what on earth it could be. Once opened, the scroll was most impressive.

The Imposter 3/9

Next morning she gulped down her breakfast and dashed out of the house as quickly as she could. She actually arrived at the Witches’ Home before the day shift had arrived in the gatehouse.

The Imposter 4/9

There weren’t very many people to be seen in the village when she finally arrived. Those that were in sight, took no more notice of her than they would of any other stranger.

The Imposter 5/9

Finally he went over to the scooter, grinned at Jennifer Jane and bending down, pulled the mudguard away from the tyre with his bare hands. Thought so. Flimsy!”

The Imposter 7/9

Jennifer Jane agreed and spent the next two days wandering around the village getting to know people.

The Imposter 9/9

“I’ve just found the answer to all your problems,” continued Jennifer Jane, “meet Ermintrude!” The two witches grunted miserably and waved their hands at the tall young woman.

The quiet acorn 1/9

Dave Bell was writing a book. He’d often said that he’d write about Jennifer Jane’s adventures with the fairy folk and now he’d actually started.

The quiet acorn 4/9

Then early one morning, not too long after the three witches had bought their new brooms, Jennifer Jane flew across to the shop to admire their premises for the first time.

The quiet acorn 5/9

“Oh lor,’ it’s only a kid, just go back where you came from, I don’t want to waste my time with children, I’m waiting for a mighty witch called Jennifer Jane to come here and attack me.”

The quiet acorn 6/9

Abigail had run along to the guardroom as soon as she heard that her apprentice was in trouble.

The quiet acorn 7/9

By coincidence, one of her lessons at school the next day was about conservation and the damage caused by forest fires.

The quiet acorn 8/9

Jennifer Jane flew as quickly as she could to the hills where she had first seen the dragon.

The quiet acorn 9/9

“For goodness sake stop it,” said a squeaky little voice, “I give in. I’ve already been changed back, so I know I’ve failed!”

From acorn to sapling 1/13

Jennifer Jane was rather surprised when she arrived for her usual lesson at the Witches’ Home, only to find that Abigail was no longer going to teach her.

From acorn to sapling 2/13

The headache cures were carefully packed into four large bags.

From acorn to sapling 3/13

Naturally enough, The first person she found was the landlord of the George and Dragons.

From acorn to sapling 4/13

As it turned out, it was fortunate that the witches ran out of one of the flavourings that were used to disguise the nasty taste of their magic medicines.

From acorn to sapling 5/13

Jennifer Jane was already up to her knees in mud, while the water began pouring over the edge and started to wash away the face of the dam below her.

From acorn to sapling 6/13

The next morning she set off for Esme’s shop feeling rather happier.

From acorn to sapling 8/13

Jennifer Jane stopped at the guardhouse to pick up her scooter and then followed Ermintrude to the dam.

From acorn to sapling 9/13

Jennifer Jane flew as fast as possible into her garden, driving along the lawn towards the house in case any one happened to see her.

From acorn to sapling 10/13

The next morning, Dave phoned his office, to say he was feeling unwell and would have to take the day off.

From acorn to sapling 11/13

“Why, from the streams that run into the main river from higher up in the hills. “They’re called tributaries you know,” he added condescendingly.

From acorn to sapling 12/13

Even on the first day she had a look at the dam, she could see that the water level was going down much more quickly than expected. She couldn’t go on the next day as it poured with rain.

From acorn to sapling 13/13

Esmerelda was only too happy to oblige one of the important witches from the Home. Abigail flew Jennifer Jane’s scooter, while Esme followed on her broom.

The young oak tree 1/8

Jennifer Jane had spent most of the night wondering how to find out who was trying to get rid of her from the alternate world.

The young oak tree 3/8

Mary stood at the kitchen window and watched Jennifer walk along the garden on her way to work. Dave came and stood beside her and put his arm round her shoulders.

The young oak tree 4/8

“Shush” whispered the other, nodding his head towards Mary.

The young oak tree 5/8

Dave arrived home at his usual time in the evening. The house seemed strangely quiet, nor did any welcoming smell of cooking greet him, as he came through the front door.

The young oak tree 6/8

Abigail and Dave got back on their broom.

The young oak tree 7/8

Neither Jennifer Jane nor her dad slept very well that night. She wanted to start looking long before breakfast time, but Abigail wouldn’t let her go without a good meal inside her.

The young oak tree 8/8

“Malcolm says you sometimes let people have flying carpets to take away.”

The full grown oak 1/9

Jennifer Jane was finding it hard to sleep! She was still trying to think of anyone who might want to stop her from visiting the alternate world.

The full grown oak 2/9

Just in case there were problems later on, Jennifer Jane told Abigail what she planned to do, then set off on her scooter.

The full grown oak 3/9

“As most of you know,” George began, “I was sent to the alternate world by a magical accident and while there learned of many strange things.

The full grown oak 4/9

Jennifer Jane woke up feeling awful. Her head hurt and she had a nasty taste in her mouth. Her bed wasn’t very comfortable either; in fact she could swear that it was heaving up and down.

The full grown oak 6/9

Jennifer Jane walked off slowly, saying in a voice just loud enough to be heard, “I only thought you might have been having a problem with your longitude. I was going to offer to help.”

The full grown oak 7/9

When the watch on deck changed a few hours later, Jennifer Jane made sure that she wasn’t wanted for any particular task and climbed as high up the foremast as she possibly could.

The full grown oak 8/9

The first thing she noticed was the captain and mate arguing again about the navigation. Then at last the captain called to her, just as she was going off watch.

The oak tree falls 1/10

Joan leaned forward eagerly looking out of the cab window. Her uncle had just told her that she should be able to see the hotel where they were going to stay during her holiday.

The oak tree falls 2/10

“Just stay there a moment dear,” said the hairdresser, “your uncle asked me to cover all the mirrors before you have your hair cut.

The oak tree falls 3/10

The lady in the clothing shop was very attentive once Lucy had a word with her and it didn’t seem too long before she was dressed from top to toe, in ‘the very latest fashions suitable for young l

The oak tree falls 4/10

Joan spent the next few days helping Lucy in the shop.

the oak tree falls 5/10

Lucy was waiting in a small room when Joan and the policeman walked in. She had a very puzzled look on her face and jumped up as soon as she saw them.

The oak tree falls 6/10

“I’ve just had a thought,” said Lucy, “I’ve often wondered why Joan’s appearance was changed so much on her first day here.

The oak tree falls 7/10

Joan felt very conspicuous, as a policeman in an unmarked hover drove her to the docks.

The oak tree falls 8/10

It took a week before Joan had another call from the police. She put on her wig and old blue trouser suit, before Lucy and the friendly policeman took her down to the docks where Fern was waiting.

The oak tree falls 9/10

Jennifer Jane looked round in bewilderment, then burst into tears. Mary hurried over and gave her a big cuddle, while Lucy and the policeman stared at everyone, not quite sure what was going on.

The oak tree falls 10/10

Malcolm stood up and turned round in surprise, “I’m not anyone’s uncle...” then his jaw dropped in amazement, “why it’s you, you little!...

Ley lines 1/11

Jennifer Jane was feeling quite excited. She was attending her very first class about the theory of magic.

Ley lines 2/11

As the class went outside, Jennifer Jane had her leg pulled about knowing all the answers.

Ley lines 3/11

Some more of the class were coming back now and the teacher congratulated each one as they returned. After a while she blew her whistle and waved for those still searching to return.

Ley lines 4/11

Back at her own home that night, Jennifer Jane had just finished the preparation for next day’s lesson at the village school, when there was a knock at the kitchen door.

Ley lines 5/11

Fortunately the weather was fine on the following night. During the day, Jennifer Jane had asked Abigail if she could use her ceremonial robes in her own world.

Ley lines 6/11

The grown ups all walked into the circle, put on their pointed hats, then held hands and began walking widdershins chanting as they went.

Ley lines 7/11

Thinking about it afterwards, she realised that she must have banged her head as she fell and lost consciousness for a moment.

Ley lines 8/11

The tunnels contained the magic that could be sensed on the surface as Ley lines.

Ley lines 9/11

“Hurry up with your breakfast;” said Mary the next morning, “your father and I can’t wait to hear what sort of magic Eve and her friends were doing.”

Ley lines 11/11

“Theory proved I think,” said Dave, “well done young J.J. The only thing now is to make go back to its correct weight.”

The double glazing salesman 1/12

“No. I do not need double glazing, I already have double glazing, I must have told you at least ten times already, do not to ring me at this number again!”

The double glazing salesman 2/12

An hour or so later she’d heard enough polite chat to last her for ages, so she flew back to the Witches’ Home and walked through to the front lawn.

The double glazing salesman 3/12

Three days later the secret was revealed. Jennifer Jane had just got back to the Witches’ Home after the day’s lesson with Esmerelda.

The double glazing salesman 4/12

Jennifer Jane followed him back into the Witches’ Home workshop. Robert put the wings on top of one of the benches and began discussing the problem with Dave.

The double glazing salesman 5/12

Mary was nearly as enthusiastic as Dave, when he told her that his idea would let them to fly rather like the birds.

The double glazing salesman 6/12

“I think I’d better go and get my scooter and follow him for a bit,” said Jennifer Jane, “I expect you’d like to come with me to make sure he doesn’t come to any harm.”

The double glazing salesman 7/12

Dave flew away round the back of the Witches’ Home in great style. The magic force that hid the front of the Home from the alternate world was a bit of a disappointment.

The double glazing salesman 8/12

Dave woke up with a bit of a start. For a moment he wondered where he was and then smiled to himself as he remembered his first proper flight.

The double glazing salesman 9/12

It felt very strange, but he was light enough to roll over and crawl along the roof towards the back of the cave.

The double glazing salesman 10/12

Dave didn’t bother to struggle or explain himself.

The double glazing salesman 11/12

Dave was only too pleased to be able to sit down and get warm. He seemed to have been crawling about on sharp rocks and then walking for ages, even if it was only breakfast time.

The double glazing salesman 12/12

“Show them all in here please Saunders, then with a bit of luck we’ll soon have all this sorted out.”

The travel agent 1/21

“Hey Dad, I’ve just learned this smashing new card trick. Can you stop working for a minute so that I can show you?”

The travel agent 2/21

The next day Dave decided that Robert had been given enough time to make to the latest modifications to his wings and said he was going to the Witches’ Home to try them out.

The travel agent 3/21

“Do you happen to have a pack of cards here?” asked Jennifer Jane changing the subject.

The travel agent 5/21

Jennifer Jane was attending her first lesson in self-defence in the advanced class for fifth year apprentices.

The travel agent 6/21

The teacher grinned. “May I remind you that every spell has a counter spell,” she twiddled her fingers, at the same time making a sweeping motion that took in the whole classroom.

The travel agent 7/21

The next opportunity for Eve to meet the whole family came rather sooner than she expected.

The travel agent 8/21

The Head waited until everyone was back in their seats before going in front of the curtains to make the final announcement.

The travel agent 9/21

For the first time during her performance she looked directly at everyone and put on a very large ‘stage smile’.

The travel agent 10/21

It took some moments for the Head to calm down the audience, but eventually peace returned.

The travel agent 11/21

When Eve returned home after watching the school show, she sat and thought quietly for a long time.

The travel agent 12/21

“I expect you may remember me, I’m the witch who knows Jennifer Jane. Have you brought another group to visit our world?”

The travel agent 13/21

Jennifer Jane had to wait two days before she was able to get to the Witches’ Home to discuss her performance at any length with Abigail.

The travel agent 14/21

“We’ll stop at a village called Lurbridge for the night. There’s a good inn there called the George and Dragons.

The travel agent 15/21

Eve had met George as arranged and found herself doing an unexpected amount of walking.

The travel agent 16/21

It was late in the afternoon when George pointed out the travel fog. Eve was dying for a sit down and a nice cup of tea but George appeared to be as fresh as when he’d started.

The travel agent 17/21

Eve went upstairs to be shown her room. Bare wooden beams and roof trusses supported the ceiling which sloped down towards the outside wall, broken by only a single dormer window.

The travel agent 18/21

A tray loaded with a huge plateful of bacon, sausage and eggs, complete with a thick slice of fried bread swimming in fat and accompanied by a huge mug of tea, was plonked down on the table as she sat

The travel agent 19/21

“Riddle!” Shouted Gordon, as the horse set foot on the bridge. “This I must see for myself,” said Eve and she slid off the horse and went down the riverbank to look under the bridge.

The travel agent 20/21

“Gee up,” said George to his horse. “I think they were jesting,” he said over his shoulder as they rode off along the path.

The travel agent 21/21

“You just can’t give up can you," said Eve, "why don’t you just keep quiet and take me home. By the shortest route this time.”

Jennifer Jane returns early

Jennifer Jane will be with her fans tomorrow morning. Her father is sulking in a corner (when he's not crying his eyes out) because he trod on a complicated piece of his paper clock.

The business empire 1/10

In which Adam finds there are no photographs of Jennifer Jane’s conjuring during the school show. Eve follows Jennifer Jane through the woods.

The business empire 2/10

The very next day she hurried off to the woods to go and see Abigail.

The business empire 4/10

Jennifer Jane carried on towards her home, while Eve walked beside her asking questions about ‘her friend’.

The business empire 6/10

“Fancy seeing you here!” said the horse. “You’re a long way from home, were you hoping to see Sir about something special?”

The business empire 8/10

“Now most of you know old Simon over at the Bull in the next village. After dark he stops work and never leaves his corner in the inglenook until closing time.

The business empire 9/10

Jennifer Jane spent the next couple of days racking her brains, trying to think of a way that George could earn a good living without upsetting the witches.

The business empire 10/10

She sat down again beside George and explained herself. “All you have to do is find a centre somewhere, where the trading possibilities are good within a radius of say thirty miles.

The problem with cats 1/8

George was whistling happily to himself, as he drove his horse and cart along the tracks and bridle ways leading to a new location for his expanding business empire.

The problem with cats 2/8

“Whoa!” Cried George pulling up, “what can I do for you, are you looking for a ride into Woodside?”

The problem with cats 3/8

About a month after she’d given George the idea of setting up as a carrier of goods, Jennifer Jane decided to go and see how he was getting on.

The problem with cats 4/8

The witch was laughing extremely loudly and seemed to have grown a lot bigger. Jennifer Jane looked nervously at George, but he was just standing still with the most amazed look on his face.

The problem with cats 5/8

Jennifer Jane spent the next two days running away from dogs, catching and eating mice, sleeping a lot and digging her claws into George whenever she had the opportunity.

The problem with cats 6/8

Abigail listened to Jennifer Jane’s story trying hard not to smile at the funnier parts. “Once again I think you’ve been very lucky,” she said when at last the tale was finished.

The problem with cats 7/8

At last she was ready, so after lessons at the Witches’ Home she flew off towards Woodside. As she got nearer she flew higher, so that she was unlikely to be spotted from the ground.

The problem with cats 8/8

She threw a fireball big enough to have roasted a dragon and would certainly have killed her target if it had connected.

The statue 3/15

“We’ve got a strange one here ma’am,” said the guard as a senior witch came in, “just turned up from the front of the Home and has never seen the statue before!”

The statue 4/15

‘Two hundred years’!

The statue 5/15

Jennifer Jane and the dragons burst out laughing. Matilda who naturally didn’t understand the joke, looking on with a most surprised expression.

The statue 6/15

The other witches were equally deferential when Matilda confirmed that Jennifer Jane was really who she said she was.

The statue 7/15

It was just as well that she did. The cart pulled up outside a very long building which ran along the street for at least the length of six or seven of the old houses.

The statue 8/15

Jennifer Jane went through the gate and walked slowly towards the pony. “Here boy have a lovely fresh carrot.”

The statue 9/15

The witches weren’t much help when it came to finding out what had happened to the castle.

The statue 10/15

Everything else in the village was much as she remembered and Jennifer Jane was beginning to wonder what to do next, when she suddenly had one of her bright ideas.

The statue 11/15

Jennifer Jane was quite glad to get out of the Home and ride Major up to the castle.

The statue 12/15

She was able to see perfectly well immediately. Looking downstream in the tunnel, she could see a light almost as bright as the day outside, where the magic disappeared straight down into the ground.

The statue 13/15

The ‘Greatest Grande Dame who ever lived,’ sat with her head in her hands, trying hard to think of a spell, or indeed any other way of clearing the blocked Ley line.

The statue 14/15

Freda stayed to watch the fun, as Jennifer Jane explained the situation to the assembled witches. “I don’t think we should all try the spell at the same time.

The statue 15/15

She got onto her borrowed broom and flew back to the Gate. Then followed by an admiring crowd of witches, she went through to the front of the building to begin the walk back to her own time.

The photograph 1/9

Somehow or other, Adam was determined to resolve his wife’s suspicions about Jennifer Jane’s mysterious visits to the woods at the end of their garden.

The photograph 2/9

He went across to a nearby high bank and climbing up, sat down with his feet dangling over the edge and had a good look round.

The photograph 4/9

The following Wednesday the local newspaper was delivered to the Bell family, as usual Dave began reading selected bits aloud in between mouthfuls, while eating his breakfast.

The photograph 5/9

Abigail got more and more worried as she read through the article in the Holmwood Advertiser.

The photograph 6/9

The editor of the Holmwood Advertiser was almost literally rubbing his hands with glee. The story about witchcraft in the village was boosting his circulation nicely.

The photograph 7/9

“Sorry I’m a bit late,” said Dave, but the office has given me a new project to work on and it took rather longer than usual to explain. What’s so funny?”

The photograph 8/9

The editor of the Advertiser was browsing as usual through all the national and local papers hoping to find something of interest to print concerning local affairs.

The photograph 9/9

Next door to the Bell’s house the Gardeners had also got their copy of the paper.

Pigeon problems 1/5

A short stocky man with a worried expression on his face, sat at his office desk in Lower Dene.

Pigeon problems 2/5

The next day George checked that there were no more parcels to be delivered to the customer who needed the pigeons, so he set off early in the morning riding his personal charger.

Pigeon problems 3/5

George followed the direction taken by the pigeon for about an hour and a half, then he stopped in an open space to see if he could spot the next pigeon to be sent ahead. He was very lucky!

Pigeon problems 4/5

William Parker, or ‘Old Willum’ as he was known in the village, was standing outside his carting business office looking up and down the road, waiting anxiously for his driver to arrive for work.

Pigeon problems 5/5

Abigail asked Jennifer Jane’s teacher to give her the morning off when she attended her next class at the Witches’ Home.

Eve 1/8

Eve was still worrying about the possible magical abilities of her next door neighbour’s child.

Eve 2/8

The old lady looked carefully at Eve. “I suppose he said he’d take you through a door to an alternate world.”

Eve 3/8

She walked on, hoping that there were no turns from the path leading in the wrong direction. All was well until she came to a bridleway crossing the footpath from left to right.

Eve 4/8

“I don’t know what sort of money this is, but it’s no use round here I’m afraid.”

Eve 5/8

Eve was amazed when she got back to the George and Dragons. The place was full of sailors who all cheered as she came in through the door.

Eve 6/8

He appeared to be taller than most of the trees he was passing and was coming nearer extremely quickly. He stepped across the river and came to a halt on the green.

Eve 7/8

Afterwards when she tried to remember all her adventures in the alternate world, she couldn’t think what started the conversation.

Eve 8/8

Eve walked slowly back towards the village. She was beginning to enjoy herself, this would be a nice place to visit and explore further one day.

Georgina 1/8

If a traveller should take the road west from Lurbridge towards the Witches Home, he would pass Esmerelda’s shop after about three miles.

Georgina 2/8

Henry had once been a knight and was among the first group of drivers that George had recruited to form his new company.

Georgina 3/8

George was getting a bit worried. One after another, his drivers were coming back to Lower Dene with tales of damaged goods and problems with their carts.

Georgina 4/8

“There’s been another series of attacks on George’s carting company,” said Abigail.

Georgina 5/8

Jennifer Jane went back and reported her findings to Abigail.

Georgina 6/8

It was two weeks before Georgina turned up again at the red village. Everyone crowded round eagerly to hear what tricks were going to be played on the humans this time.

Georgina 7/8

Jennifer Jane had obtained permission from her parents to sleep at the Witches’ Home for as long as was necessary, so that she could to hear the alarm given when one of the pigeons returned.

Georgina 8/8

The smiles of the witches had turned to broad grins and then hearty laughter and a few cheers, while she proposed her solution.

Georgina Adam and Eve 1/12

Two weeks after her previous visit, Georgina returned to the red goblin village as she’d promised. To her surprise none of the goblins welcomed her arrival.

Georgina Adam and Eve 2/12

Eve got up from her sewing machine. “There that’s the last one; now let’s see if they fit properly!”

Georgina Adam and Eve 3/12

“There’s a couple of customers coming this way by the look of it,” said Esmerelda. “Betcha they go round to see Tasmin!” replied Dulce.

Georgina Adam and Eve 4/12

Eve went to the Bell’s house later that evening. “A lady asked me to give Jennifer Jane this parcel,” she said, “I’ve never seen her before but she seemed to know you!”

Georgina Adam and Eve 5/12

Jennifer Jane was beginning to feel a bit frightened. Thank goodness she was with her parents!

Georgina Adam and Eve 6/12

Adam and Eve were sitting at the kitchen table discussing their plans for the day.

Georgina Adam and Eve 7/12

George was thinking hard about a rather strange business proposition that had just been put to him by a middle-aged lady.

Georgina Adam and Eve 8/12

A couple of days later, George met Georgina and they rode off together to the nearest dump of scrap iron.

Georgina Adam and Eve 9/12

Jennifer Jane had left Abigail and gone home to try and think of a way to deal with Georgina.

Georgina Adam and Eve 10/12

Lucy and her policeman husband were on a walking holiday in the countryside. They both worked in Smallport and were only too glad to get away from all the noise and bustle once a year.

Georgina Adam and Eve 11/12

“I don’t know how she does it,” said Abigail, “but whenever that child is really wanted, she always manages to go missing. Not a trace of her anywhere I can reach!”

Georgina Adam and Eve 12/12

For the first time in two days Jennifer Jane smiled. Abigail and her parents listened carefully as she explained what had happened during her adventures.

The Rally 1/11

Jennifer Jane was hard at work practising a new spell that she’d learned only in the last couple of days.

The Rally 2/11

She went into the woods until she