The Mulrooney's

A ghostly tale.

The Mulrooney's - Part Eight - The End

Jay and Sarah stumbled up the attic stairs and fell, laughing all the way. ”Careful with that wine,” said Sarah. ”It‘s an integral part of the seance.”

The Mulrooney's - Part Five

“Who is he calling a mope?” said Mr. Mulrooney. “Pay him no mind, dear,” said Regina. “Perhaps he said mops.” “No, Mother,” said Dickie. “It was definitely mopes.”

The Mulrooney's - Part Four

“Do you hear that?” said Jay. “Hear what?” said Sarah. “Squeaky shoes.”

The Mulrooney's - Part One

“Now, what do we have here?” “What is it, Jay?” Sarah put aside the old copper tea kettle she’d been ogling and took a look at the leather bound book Jay had in his hands.

The Mulrooney's - Part Seven - The End is Near

“Megan!” said Regina Mulrooney. “Will you please stop kissing that man and come with me.” “But I'm really getting better at it, Mother,” said Megan.

The Mulrooney's - Part Six

After dinner, Jay and Sarah Clark sat back on the sofa and opened the Mulrooney Family album. “Oh, my gosh!” said Sarah, “It’s a picture of our house! Holy crow! How about that!"

The Mulrooney's - Part Three

Rupert Mulrooney paced the parlor floor and came to a sudden halt. “The Gazpacho!” said Rupert. “What’s that, dear?” said Regina.

The Mulrooney's - Part Two

“Did you hear something?” said Jay. “No,” said Sarah. “What did you hear?” “I thought I heard someone say, ‘Get off my chair.’”