A few summers ago my son photographed the changing face of industrial Birmingham.  My poems are an attempt to articulate some of the ideas in the images


LDV: Washwood Heath (Necropolis)

Grit, backbone of Midland industry, ground out by the elements, glacial drift, geological shift. Upon gravel the city made its shape. Halls of...
Gold cherry

Saltley Gas Works (Necropolis)

A rise and fall of gas, power pushed from metallic lungs into the manufactured land. Life flooded the mechanical. Death hung in the air, choked...

Urban Spring

A little sun warms the bones, loosens an inner spring wound so tight it might snap. Something dormant wakes a memory of earth and air, green and song...

Aston Junction

Quiet and cool in the concrete cave beneath a criss-cross of humming roads the only movement - a slow ooze of condensation down clammy walls. A...