Number G

Missing you

"Are you missing her? Michelle asked. I looked at my best friend. She was the one I'd told everything too. The one person I felt I could really tell everything too. But not this. Everyone seemed to expect me to be completely cut up about it, everyone expected my head to be in pieces. They treated me delicately, not mentioning you at all. This was the first time it had come up in conversation. I didn't dare admit it to anyone but my self that I wasn't missing you. I didn't feel like there was a part of me missing. I think you leaving made me realise that I can't have loved you, all that much. You can't have been the one that I was destined to be with. My not missing you made me think, if you aren't the one, then where is she?

A love

A love is a whisper, Trying desperately to be heard, In a world full of hatred and sadness,


I watched as his eyes slowly closed. There was nothing I could do that wouldn’t be clichéd.


Three womens takes on how one man affected their lives. __________________________________________________