Other Peoples Letters

A collection of ficticious letters, everyone tells its own story........


Jolono, Didn't realize I could comment here but have commented somewhere. Duh!

Fabulous Ideas For Tesco

Fantastic ideas from this bright young chap...

Dear Darling

He's in love, but.......

Dear Gary

A letter with a twist, I think it tells its own story!

Dear Nan

She misses her Nan.

Dear Son

Words of advice from his dear old dad...

Hello Mum, Happy Birthday

Nice letter from a loving daugher.....not!

Hello Mum ( The Reply)

Mum replies to Joan, but not quite what Joan is expecting!

Hello Mum ( The story continues)

Good old mum. Nice to keep in touch....

Hello Mum ( Final)

Dad replies to Joan....oh dear.
Story of the week

Please, leave the light on.

Part of a collection that I call Other Peoples Letters. Jenny, It’s me. Please keep reading and don’t tear this letter up. I beg you. Twelve years is...
Story of the week
Pick of the Month

Please, leave the light on. ( The reply)

As always, there are two sides to every story. Here's the reply... Dear Robert, Your letter was forwarded onto me by the new tenants of Jenny’s old...