Past Times and Pastimes

Past Times and Pastimes

Monday Socks

A tale of an unmatched sock... :-(

Dawn Chorus

A little poem about the Birds (and the Bees) :-)
Gold cherry

My Big Bang

Yes, it certainly was a Big Bang (for me)...

Heavy Socks

How heavy is a SOCK I wonder? I’ll use the bathroom scales. The needle doesn’t move a bit And I worry why that fails. So I weigh myself in just one sock And then with both socks on.

Ups and Downs

Being alone always gets me thinking. And that’s not always a good thing... :-(

Secret Siblings.

Do you know Miffy?

The Bully

After all these years, I feel the same...


The word "I" is much over-used, isn't it?

My Ears Made Me Rich.

In my childhood I was blessedly healthy in every respect except for a particular problem with my hearing. My problem was background noise, and I certainly grew up with a lot of that.

The Gurkha in the Burqa.

Things aren’t always what they may seem. That's the story of Gurkha Bean.

Double Dippy Doldrums

Some grizzled OAP's have a reunion and chat about the recession...

My Clever Socks

This is a somewhat detailed account of my first experience with a new pair of really high-tech socks. It is also something of an intelligence test, so I hope you will concentrate.