The Benefits of Train Travel

why would you allow yourself to get stranded between the land and the water when you could sit quietly in the smoking car drinking the beer someone passes

A Visitation of Cattle in SE1

It is to you they come Just this once

Cherries for Breakfast

Poised tense against Serrated edges of my teeth

Meeting Myself on the London Underground in the Holiday Season

I could not say what I wanted to say The etiquette binding on my tongue Was tied too tight.

This Is The Way We Live Now

...before the morning-after toad had time To take up position on the brain’s beam

Malady the Sock Monkey

In his prime he was a splendid thing Played cymbals with a glancing blow Danced, sang In celebrated bands Never boastful, rarely proud A noble creature of renown

When The Dead Drive By

When the dead drive by Clerks outside office blocks Hold cigarettes behind their backs

The Problem Of Time And Memory Lost

I like to think of that watch still lying buried on the river bed!

If one of you should fall from common grace

If one of you should fall from common grace And down the light-fire river plummet free The other should not hide their dismayed face Against the knotted branches of the tree

New Jersey Neighbors

yard sales in suburbia

Sutherland Avenue

City as plot and lyric and song

View from New Jersey

The quick flick of a sparrow’s wing Framed by Frank Sinatra Drive

Silver and Exact

Self Deception V. Sylvia Plath

Zola Works At The Planetarium

Zola works at the planetarium Where numbers of people drop debris On the carpet in the dark
Poem of the week

Jeanie is a Secretary

Wakes at the fag end of an ordinary dream

Strings & Kites

You said, Lie down Lie down! So I did

Ice Gathering

record harvest of 1879

Call Her Love

Sleep Deprived Half Dream

Father's Day, Upstate New York 2014

Memories of mushrooming with my Dad