Rail Tales (published Sept 2012)

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Notes from the Currumbine line. ($15 ea + P&H) Riding the Rail between the City of Perth, Western Australia, and the suburbs can be a life-changing experience. 'Rail Tales' is now available from my website: htthttp://francesmacaulayforde.com/buy_books__postcards/rail_tales__notes_f...


Thanks art2bseen; I've only just found this comment. Busy adapting 25 Minute Journey to screen, prompted by how many have read the story.


I'e re-printed the book 'Rail Tales' which is available for AUD$15 + p&h. Examples & more on my website: http://francesmacaulayforde.com/buy_books__postcards/rail_tales__notes_f...


I found this easy to read with great flow , I like your writing style . Nothing bugs me more than a jumbled mess that is hard to read. -AJLH