Rejected chapters from my novel

Chapters which didn't make the final cut of my novel


new Terence Oblong hello! enjoying reading,not finished it yet. Well deserved cherry! I have tried one to, title P-P-P "Pick Up A Penguin" for an (IP)Got cherry! wow. I was wearing coat at London. May like to read.Fun one. Must read more of your's. julie xx

Many thanks Cavalcader, I read your ppp penguin poem, very good. Thanks for coming over to chat on Wednesday, we had to leave early so I didn't get to talk to as many people as I'd hoped to - I hope you read at the next one



Hero de la resistance

c'est l'anorak de Hitler."


It was a big, brass candlestick, the type you might find in a church, with pictures of saints etched onto the side, as if the saints were holding the candle upright.

The Falklands War (1)

a sound like crisps being munched at 50 paces

The day I met God

God makes very few personal appearances these days. He's getting on a bit and delegates most of the work to saints, popes and other lowly minions.

The Demo Tape

Now that we had a demo tape the world was at our mercy.