Stories to scripts

These are some short stories I've now converted to film scripts...


Love You Mum (original short story later adapted to screen)

This short story was adapted to screen in 2006 and the film won award in Australia, America and Canada.

Film Script for 'Love You Mum"

The shooting script of my short story "Love You Mum" demonstrated how the original changed to work on the screen. It's won awards in Oz, USA and Canada. (Sorry, the medium has changed the layout.)

Competing - Chapter 1

CHAPTER ONE In the Research Station reception Kath Williams is setting up, ready to start her day. It’s 7.25am. She looks cool and fresh in a...

Competing - Prologue 2

Watts-Brown smiled confidently as he ran downhill. It felt good – he was running easily, his rhythm smooth and efficient in time with the magnificent...

Competing - Prologue 1

PROLOGUE Colin Williams easily wears a tan from working hard outdoors. He’s tall and solid. Like a Karri tree is part of the forest; Colin is part of...