To those who are Lonely and Mistaken

Love gives life to those who are lonely and mistaken.

A soldier's letter

dearest love i hope this message finds you well as these endless fight, continue to rage on every single word secretly shoots a photograph of when we melt into one


I miss you most on lonely mornings As the day turned into starry evenings I look at your picture, starry-eyed with a sad pose I hope to dream, but my vision is lost

Countess of Filth



i dreamed she was mine i was touching her hand kissing her like wine we share a certain bond she freed me outside my tortured soul she let me see that i am not a fool


I am a greek... Our town was the mightiest, We don't need walls to stop them We wear no armor, Our shield will protect our soul Spears in our strong arms Courage and dignity in our hearts...

This is Love

Still remember... Like a gust of wind Your memories drifts back... Afraid as a torch melts my porcelain roses Droplets of blood cover its thorns Flames light the dark tunnel before me

Symphonies of the Midnight

I was awake on midnight I look through my window, the moonlight It shines through the glass, on my face Wondering if my memories you've erased Am I man of vanity? Cause you left me alone

Mirrors are more fun than Television

It's time for goodbye... Praise your vanity And your voice filled with malignance Forever I'll hold this Anguish For the lies you told I've hunted you, from the day we part

The Boat that Launched a Thousand Ship

If you stay on a small island and looked straight ahead, what would you see? The blue sky with white patches of clouds meeting the glass, rippled waters of the salty sea that surrounds you...