The up's and down's of an old romantic

A collection poems that depict my experiences and thoughts on my own love life and love in general

8 days

8 days I’ve spent with her, 8 nights where I couldn’t stop smiling, 8 times I’ve found myself starring into her eyes. Theres something in her, that...

A cold October breeze

It's the early hours just as the night is lightening for the day to come, I can feel the cold breeze of an october evening prickling at my ears, And...

Accepted bare

04:00 or there abouts, Glows on the clock on my car, As I unbutton my jeans To show you a scar Or two. Who would have guessed This would have been...

love countdown

If you had a timer that was counting down to the moment where you meet your soul mate, how would you feel? knowing that you're life would be changed...

One and only

That bit of solitude away from you, away from the grey clouds in my mind, all the commotion and confusion, has done me a world of good. It's helped me realise what i truly hold

Soul mates

For nearly 4 years now i've know you, and felt over the moon, felt my heart race and those damn butterflies in my stomach. Any time i've seen you're smile i've wanted smiled back,

Souls intertwine

Two hearts beat in time echoing in my mind, both breath deep and hold, then exhale in sync. Eyes fixed, and do not blink, lips lock toghether, soft...

Stay up forever

Just a few steps behind, in the shade of your shadow. right by your side, whenever you need me. I will be here when sad and lonely I'll be on top of the world. Even if my eyes get heavy

To me you are perfect

I know you don't always see, don't always believe, as the voices in your head are trying to decieve you. But to me it couldn't be clearer, and the...