A Walk Through the Infinite

Through the use of haunting, sometimes painful, imagery this collection of poems depicts people’s struggles to understand their environment, which often appears strange or threatening.

Down on the Wind Farm

An expressionist take on the new wind farm at Thanet.

A Walk Through the Infinite

A Walk Through the Infinite What have they done to our old school? Built over our memories, that’s what. Concrete and wood laid over our childhood, Asphyxiating our earliest school days.


Panoramic The god’s-eye view clasps you in its concrete grasp, Envelops your mind with its cloak of stillness; Terrain unchanged for endless eternity Dazzles with awesome spectacularity.

The Glass Lake

The Glass Lake Concealed in my lakeside den, I watch a small, slim figure, Eyes clear as nitrogen, Projecting their ocean-deep blueness With the brilliance of an alien starfield.

The Commuter

The Commuter Blank faces in a streaming crowd, Bodies steeled with grim resolve, They surge down cold, stark stairways, Powerful as the black light Of an imploded quasar.

Growing the Demon Seed

Growing the Demon Seed Stretching out into three-dimensional infinity, The mutant crops wave in the airless breeze As an eerie silence pervades the earth: