Alone for Christmas

Oh I am enjoying this. Being alone Christmas eve. I can do exactly what I please, when I please and how. I don't know why I am so happy when in fact I should be sad being alone on this special evening when so many are making an effort to be happy together with family. I feel strangely at peace and happy. As though going against the flow is giving me pleasure. I think that may be the reason. That I am doing something so few are doing- by being alone. And coping with it without being miserable. I have been following the news lately and it is almost as though others expect you to be miserable alone Christmas Eve. We, loners, are stigmatised- but ofcourse there are those who don't choose to be alone. There are lots of events for those who don't wish to be alone and several have opened their homes for people who don't wish to be alone. I could have chosen that but I didn't want to. Well I am a loner and enjoy my own company. I am also a misanthrope- see faults with others so easily and therefore I avoid others- just don't like people. Some may say it is a sad life- I don't think so.


Neither do I Pia. Sometimes it's nice to have your own company. Merry Christmas.


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, Pia.


Merry Xmas to all thanks!

Glad you are happy in your own company Pia. Keep on keeping them at bay. Belated best wishes. x

Parson Thru

You can be alone in a crowd of people. So it's good that you can be alone with yourself.


Hello .. l wish l could tell you just how many unhappy couples l see during the day at my work. Bickering, squabbling, walking off in a huff. All ages and ethnicities. It makes me feel really uncomfortable, as if they're like that in public, what the heck goes on behind closed doors .. Dx

I'd like to think that being in a stressful situation brings the worst out in people. Let's hope they're happier at home Denni.But I can see how uncomfortable it makes you feel. ;)Pia