Today's Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe

For those of us who are horse racing fans, the first Sunday in October is a day we all wait for.

Today’s the day!

At Longchamp in Paris the best 3 year old plus Horses in the world come together to race in the “Prix de I’Arc de Triomphe”.

This year, five French, four Irish, one British, one German, two Japanese, one Brazilian, one American and a few others, meet to find out who is the best horse in the world over a mile and a half.

The best flat horses in the world run in races called “Group 1” races. Today at Longchamp there are seven such races. There are races for two year olds, three years olds, fillies and mares, sprints, mile races, mile and a quarter races and then the ultimate mile and a half Arc de Triomphe.

The race is worth £2.2 million pounds to the winner. Even if you come fifth you’ll receive £110k.

It’s the richest race in the world. The Derby winner ( Ruler of the World) is in it, the winner of the Sandown Eclipse ( Al Kazeem) is in it, the winner of the French Derby ( Intello) is in it, the winner of the Japanese Derby ( Kizuna) is in it, the winner of the St. leger (Leading Light) is in it. In fact every horse entered has won big races in their own countries.

The ground will play a big part. It tends to be soft ground in France in October and today is no exception. So the horses who have won on good and fast ground in the summer are at a disadvantage because they won’t like the ground today. Others love soft ground and will have waited their time during the summer until the ground has become softer. But the great horses can run and win on any ground.

The favourite is the Japanese horse Orfevre. He should have won the race last year but got pipped at the post. He’s only run twice this year and won on both occasions easily. If he wins today the Japanese will have their first success in this race.

My money is on Al Kazeem. He won’t like the ground but he’s a great horse and a big price at 16-1.

I’m hoping for him to get in the first three.

Whatever happens it will be a great race to just sit back and watch.

So forget your Sunday dinner today. At 3.15 put on channel four and just for a few minutes watch the best horses in the world run their hearts out. I will!



Put a tenner on for me jolono.  16-1 sounds good.  Does it mean that if you put £1 on it you would get £16 back if it wins?  I won a sweep in the pub one Saturday afternoon when I was a little kid - my dad was in the pub with his drinking mates.  It was the Grand National and the horse's name was 'Crisp' I think.


right jolono I'm taking you at your word. I'm sticking a fiver on Al Kazeem, each way, and it better win or I'll be at your door taking suitable goods worth said monetary value.


Yes Scratch. £1 gives you £16 back plus your pound stake. Winning might be a big ask thats why I'm only going for a place. 16-1 will give you 4-1 for a place. So CM, £5 e-way will give you back £25 if it comes in second or third. If it wins you'll have £5 @ 16-1 and £5 at 4-1. Total £110.00.

Each way would be better Scratch!


Ok jolono.  Each way sounds the thing.


Your on Scratch. £5 e-way!




I'm definitely going to try my very best to be in London for the December reading jolono, if the old nag falls short I'll give you the fiver then, if it comes in take the fiver and have a few scoops with the rest mate.


The bad news is that £5 eway Scratch is a ten pound bet. So you've got £5 to win and £5 place. Stick it in an envelope and fax it to me!

You'll hear me shouting it on from York. I tend to get a bit excited when watching the races!


Just shows that I know absolutely nowt about the finer points of betting!  Now play me at fives and threes and I become a maths whiz; I never ever beat my wife though, she's a dominoes playing legend!


Sorry guys! Never said I was Templegate! Great race. Ours came 6th from a very wide draw and did well. But no cigar I'm afraid...




I'm sick of sixth. Ah well, bookie wins. The rich man gets rich the poor man poorer. It's always so.


Ah but it was a great race CM. Besides a millionaire such as you can afford a tenner. You probably light your cigarretes with them...


nah, jolono, don't smoke. I can afford the tenner, but that Al Kazeem is going to go Al Khazam and I'm dealing with it the same way I did of that other little old Irish pony that let me down a few years ago.


This betting lark Jolono, well I don't know. For over 3 years now I have been employed as the cleaner in Exmouth Corals. All I know is that I and the other employees are not allowed to bet there. In case we pull a fly one and get away with it. For example I could have bet £2.00 on Al Khasi and he could have come first and I could have then added 000 to my betting slip and then I win £32,000. Night, night all and sweet dreams        Elsie 

I always wondered what happened to Shergar!


And thats why I could never do your job Elsie!