NEW! ABCtales Competition

Here's a new competition for you to enter - and we're looking for a London theme. There will be one winner of poetry and one winner of prose and each will receive a copy of The Gentle Author's 'London Album'. This is a seriously beautiful book and is well worth the winning. Our very own East End Butcher Boy, Joe Lawrence, will be the judge and his decision will be final. Entries cost £2 each and you may enter as many times as you like. Make sure you put 'Competition Entry' in the genre box of your entry. All entries must be limited to 3,000 words maximum. Closing Date is Saturday 13th August. The overall theme of the entry must be related to London in some way or other. To pay and enter please click on the PayPal button below:
Number of Entries


Hi All, it really is a beautiful book. Full of photos from London in the past and present. If you want to have a look at it, here's the Amazon link.

Whether you love London ( or hate it!), let us know. Anything that has a London theme is welcome. Come on...have a go!


Hi. I've been trying to put up an entry for the London Competition (being a London girl myself) but cannot seem to see a 'Competition entry' box to tick!  And also I was going to enter a couple of things, but the click on paypal will only allow one payment of £2 at a time.  Advice please


Good Point Linda! I just had a quick look and can't find "Competition" on the genre list either. Don't worry, just put LONDON in brackets next to the title of the story or poem. I'll find it from that. As far as the paypal is concerned I think you might just have to do £2 each time you submit an entry rather that say £6 then enter three bits. Hope that all makes sense...looking forward to reading them.


I had a similar problem to Linda.

Advice to 'put LONDON in brackets next to the title of the story' noted.  But I've yet to make the entry, but I've still paid £2 via PayPall.    What should I do?




Hi Simon. Great that you've paid the £2. Now just submit your story or poem in the same way you would normally. If you put (London) beside the title that will be fine as I go through all stories and poems everyday and I'll see it and make sure its entered. Also, just before you click the submit button at the end of your submission there is a box on the left hand side that says FLAGS. Click on this and another box comes up that says "Add to Competition". Click that box and it's automatically added to the Competition. Either way is fine. Good luck!


Don't you use the 'flags' setting when posting - it says for competition but I haven't tried it to see if it still works.

Also, the 'Competitions' section (under 'Read' on the right of this page) has blurb about last winter's competion on it still. Rhiannon


Hi Rhiannonw, yes, if you click on "Flags" when posting, another box comes up saying "Add To Competition".




I would rather that than use PayPal which generally presents me with a lot of problems (such as getting my account hacked!)


Hi Ed. Always been the other way round for me. Paypal has always been secure but using a credit or debit card has been a nightmare. I'll check with the teckie people and get back to you.


Hi Ed. It seems we can only do paypal. But Paypal does accept Debit card payments. If not ( I know this is a bit off the wall) send £2 in an envelope to me or Tony and I'll make sure you get the entry in! Email me and i'll give you the address.


I just got a new debit type card thing which is supposed to be super safe. I'll try that with Paypal. If it doesn't go I'll email you of Tony.

First of course I need to finish my story.



Just used paypal link to pay the £2 fee but unable to upload poem entry after fee accepted. Nothing came up on return to ABC site only paypal again. Advice please.


Hi LadyLily. Once fee has been paid via Paypal and accepted you should then be able to submit poem in the usual way. Just as you would for any poem or story. Just be aware that you need to click on "Flags" at the end of the submission, then tick box marked "In Competition".


Hello - thanks for the opportunity and inspiration to write about London - working on it

Hi tinacatling, please enter. looking forward to seeing what your take is on this great City!



thank you - been writing all day and enjoying it - I have paid my £2 and will enter once I have completed the work.  It is about my Great Great Great Grandfather who lived and worked in London as a newspaper editor - where he met Rudyard Kipling and was at the hearing of Oscar Wilde at the Old Bailey in May 1895.

I am loving travelling back in time and spending time with Thomas Catling