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My stories have been read 16330 times and 4 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Tina Catling

tina catling is a published author having published two books with Wiley.  Both books are business texts with attitude!   think!  was the first book - all about creative thinking then Making Waves was the next book all about Marketing - both have done well and have been translated in to a number of languages.   I have always loved writing and the spoken word - my Irish roots calling me I guess

Inspired by attending the event in York on the 1st Feb 2014 I have now joined ABC but find sharing my  poetry and other writing a bit exposing - will watch this space

My stories


Feeling at Home with Savages (Competition entry LONDON)

There are threads that bind me to London. Some are thicker than others but they are all strong. I didn't’t know they were there at first, now I...

I am not sorry

I am not sorry for dancing until dawn I am not sorry laughing too loud, I am not sorry wearing bright colours I am not sorry to have been both fat...

The Lagos Bridge Blues

I woke up one morning * Sun was in the sky * Who wants to go sailing I do said I I’m singing the Lagos Bridge Blues Lets make a little Magic * Lets...

7 days in Tehran

7 days in Tehran Recollections and Considerations from a unique trip to Tehran in November 2010 Flying over the Caspian Sea on the flight from Tehran...

Ducks n Worms

Iridescent ducks upon the pond Reflecting on nothing Except the rain Nothing No pain Just rain And other ducks and worms