Two New Signings

We are pleased to announce that our two latest prospects for publication are Ewan (Ewan) Lawrie and Alex (london_calling79) Smith.
Let's hear it for the boys.


Congratulations to both!



Well done, Ewan and Alex.

Parson Thru

Well done to the boys but where are the girls?


Exactly, Luigi. That’s our question too.

if you think any you know who would be interested Luigi, do give them a nudge!


We all know who the talented female writers are, Claudine. Their excellent work is evident throught the pages of ABC. Could they not receive an invitation to submit from Cerasus?


‘Talented’ is a subjective judgement and not self evident. 

There may be writers who are not confident of their ability, so have not put themselves forward. Or they may be doing very well with established publishers already. Or they may not have a large enough portfolio for a full collection yet. Or they may not want to take a chance with a small press, until we prove ourselves.

We will be at the ABCtales event on Feb 3rd, which will be our chance to pose the question in person.

In the meantime, there are a couple of women in the pipeline who may yet make it through.

nicely done. congratulations. 


Can't say I know much about poetyr (or prose some might say), but a few women stand out for me. Maggy van Eijk, Rachel Smart and Philip Sidney to name but a few. 


Congratulations guys! Well done. Now bring on the women...