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Lucky 13

I just wanted to bring to notice an amazing piece of writing called lucky 13 by jnllhill3. It's rare you get to read of someone's real life story of the war in Vietnam. He's managed to capture every bit of how it felt to be there on the front line in the jungle.

I really think this deserves a read even if war isn't your thing. I think it was kind of him to share his experience with us.


best tag the story jenny, so others can access it more easily. I've done it for you. And, yeh, great story. 


It's also worth mentioning the history series Vietnam, ten episodes, recently on BBC 4, which you can watch on catchup, is the best thing on telly this year - by far.



Thanks Jack,

I tried to tag the story, but didn't know how to. Thank you for doing it for me.

I just haven't known anyone else that was in the Vietnam war, actually writing on abc tales, which was why I found it worth picking up on.



The Tag link reads 'page not found' 

Johnbest obialo

Johnbest, I think he must have removed that story, but he often reposts the same under a different title. Here's  his author page : - perhaps you can find it there!