London Reading Event Coming Up!


It’s been a long time since the last once, but we’re pleased to announce that we have our next London reading event planned.

It’s set to take place at the usual venue, The Wheatsheaf, on a Saturday afternoon from 3.00-600 on 16th November. We hope this will be convenient for people within reach to come into London for a day trip, with plenty of time for socialising and to get trains home.

It’s an opportunity for anyone to come along and read their work – poetry or prose – to a small audience of fellow writers, family, friends and lovers of words. 

As always we’d be delighted to see new people taking part, and those who have done so before. It provides an opportunity to read your work to a friendly audience, and to listen to fellow abctalers share their creations – and it’s always good to meet each other face-to-face.

No compulsory charge to take part – and don’t feel obliged if you’re financially stretched – but we appreciate £5 donations to pay for the room rental and support the costs of running abctales.

The Wheatsheaf is a historic pub with a great atmosphere, 25 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, W1T 1JB (just north of the eastern end of Oxford Street). Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road.

Anyone wishing to take part can contact We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Bad timing again I'm afraid, I'm off to see those great left wing rabble rousers The Men They Couldn't Hang in Lewes Conservative Club, so must send apologies once more.

Best wishes to all of you 



..... Maybe another time in the future.

Sign me up! All being well I will be there. Would love to read if there’s space.

I need email details for everyone taking part. Thanks.



So sorry you can't make it Terrence - but great that you can come London - looking forward to seeing you! The line-up is shaping up nicely so far!


If you’re coming, make sure to bring some cash.

We will be selling copies of all our published titles at the bargain price of £5 each.

I shall drag my bag of bones over too.


Brilliant! If you want to read Sean, send an email to to book a place (I hope you will)




I’d love to come down and read/perform. I’m one of the original ABCTalers and joined in it’s very first week of existence. I have a massive soft spot for the site.

I’ll be coming down from Bradford. A long way and expensive to get there.

Would it be possible to bring and sell some copies of my book, ‘Recovery Songs’? It’s officially published this Thursday. Details here.

If you or anyone would like to buy an advance copy directly from me, it’ll help with my travel expenses and I can get a cheaper train ticket.It’s £11.49 including postage. PayPal details here. It's always best to  do it via PayPal because the purchase comes directly to me and not by publisher (who is lovely) meaning I get a slightly bigger royalty as it is coming from my stock.Perhaps you can put something up on the site.

Count me in if I can raise some expenses. I can stay at my brothers in Essex.Best,



Thank you!