Happiness is a warm keyboard = I Live to and Love to write

Too much time on my hands and not prime time I’m afraid.

Recovering from Covid, which I’d managed to avoid getting for nearly two and half years and ticked that it found a chink in my defenses now for it is not a party, far from it.

The first days of it, I didn’t know I had it; thought it was a virus, a cold or my general allergies acting up but fast forward a couple of days, and I’m thinking maybe a test might be in order.

And then…”voila” results are sent:

You ‘positively’ have Covid!  And everything changes.

Suddenly the sniffles, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, aches, pains, headache and fatigue that were no big thing, nothing Icouldnt handle...are all villains converging to obliterate me.

Fear, is the biggest factor here; I was coming to the other side of the worst symptoms when I got that test result, but after getting the results my fertile mind chose to see impending doom instead. And, as a side note…never read the internet to check your symptoms, trust me, that’s just a recipe for enhancing hypochondria.

But unfortunately, I googled….and I read: even “if your symptoms are subsiding in 5 to 6 days they could actually come back worse in twelve days.”


That was ‘Not’ the best thing to read as your fighting fatigue with a sluggish, low fever induced, thought process, coupled by lack of sleep.

That combination of weaknesses makes Monsters real, and impossible to fend off.

Luckily, I have my writing. For about two hours, intermittently, in the day I have a burst of energy and use it to tap out something, not always anything legible or concise thoughts but words are on the page, and I feel productive. 

I do believe I'm through the worst of it- twelve day theory be damned- and I am getting the rest I’ve probably needed for some time.

So as Covid has its wilting hold on me, I’ll pull up the covers, fluff up my  pillow and let myself drift into happy slumber so my body can attack it.  

I’m really glad that somewhere in my arsenal of attack I have what’s left of  the 2 vaccines and the booster shot I got. I hope those knights in vaccinated armor know how grateful I am that they are there protecting me. 

Two or three more days, or so, should see me back to bright eyed health but until then.....

Golden slumbers fill  (my) eyes…….(quote the Beatles ever more)


Thanks for listening.smiley




writing isn't a cure, but it helps. 


yes it does. smiley


Oh no! Sending get well soon wishes across the Atlantic to you Penny!                                                     


Thank you, I'm feeling a little better each day. smiley


Ach...Covid comes to us all in the end. Get well soon and keep writing! Paul


True Paul; just blaming myself for relaxing my cautious mask wearing too soon.


I'm so sorry to hear of the awful covid you've had. Hope you get properly well really soon, and wish you all good health and happiness for the future.

Take care.



Thank you Jenny. I appreciate your well wishes. I am feeling better each day so there is a ray of happy hope.