Any advice on writing sequels/ stories with the same character?

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Any advice on writing sequels/ stories with the same character?

I usually write one off stories. It's hard enough getting story ideas but the thought of having to write lots of stories with the same character seems more difficult to me.

I really like literary characters like Sherlock Holmes or Winnie The Pooh but I am amazed that their creators were able to constantly think up new situations and stories to place them in.

I also worry about how I would keep up the quality from story to story. I just tried writing a sequel and I'm not at all sure how it compares to the first story.

Any tips? I imagine that you have to really love a character to want to keep revisiting their world story after story.

I don't know if I have any tips. My novel began as a short story, I then found myself writing more stories with the same characters. As you say, for me it was pure love of the character, someone who demanded new things happen to him (actually he is a bit like Winnie the Pooh now I think about it). In terms of the quality, don't be afraid to play around and throw the character in different situations, some won't work out. I tried changing narrators at one stage and the result was terrible.


Thanks, Terrence. Your advice has really helped give me confidence to try. Particularly, your advice regarding quality. I think that I will give it a go.
Have a look at my "Jennifer Jane" series of childrens stories if you have the stamina. These were all written over a period of years, initially for my children who didn't like them! I then carried on for my own amusement.
Yeh, Jennier Jane is a good example. Start with a theme and work your characters through it (I* think).


Thanks Celticman, you must be another fan. That makes 4 I know about!!
So long as youmaintain a natural feel and personality of ur character and world all should be fine. Hell my novel animal started out as a short two man stageplay that became a final scene for the novel and the world grew around it.

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Like Oblong, I am thinking this sounds like you may be heading towards a novel. Have fun with it!


It's tough, and I'm anti-sequel kind of guy. I honestly don't know it's worth it because each sequel has to one-up the first story. What's the point if it will just water down the whole value?
Yes it's tough but that's the challenge of writing stories. Jennifer Jane expands slowly, bringing in new characters and an improvement in her knowledge that can be useful later on. On the other hand you can just look at it a story about a girl learning to be a witch.
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