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Part-time writer. Book of short stories, SaltWater out in paperback with Liberties Press and as an ebook

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The Boat Trip 3

Nola forced herself to think of something else: to just watch the islands swim by. Some were so small they were just rounded humps of rock with green seaweedy backs...

Boat Trip 2

continuing a short story that I posted the start of recently. set in ireland around 1918

The Boat Trip 1

At this hour the water in Roaring Water Bay bay was not roaring at all, but was calm as glass. Fishing skiffs darted across it to set their nets while the going was good.

One for the money

It’s Friday afternoon. Thanks to a leaving do at the Hi Tide, Geraint is the last person left in the office. All summer he’s been on Surf Watch out at Rest Bay.

>>>>>> O’Neill’s

O’Neill’s was heaving. A confusing warren of a place with drunkenness scoped into its very architecture, it was so packed you could barely hear the...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Well done, Ice, making a

Posted on Fri, 11 Aug 2017

Well done, Ice, making a comedy out of a drama. Sometimes that's the only way. A lot of people joking and looking the other way yesterday while one bully, maybe two, had a far too public tantrum.

missing an o - way to early, and maybe an s...

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