Anyone Still Around from The Old Days?

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Anyone Still Around from The Old Days?


I used to be ivoryfishbone but then I couldn't log in ...

I know Ralph is still here ... but any of the other old guard from the very beginning? Eddie? Liana? Stormy?


Mandylifeboats, Andrea?






JustynThyme, FeyMouse ... Sooz?


.. some of them are here with changed names. If you want to resurrect your old account, email admin@abctales and I'll see if I can fix it


My brother JP Brown joined in 2003 so that is almost at the start of Abc and I've been since 2009. Most of those people are not active anymore it's sad losing a friend it feels almost like your dog died.

Keep well! Tom Brown

Tom Brown

We've seen Abc grow in leaps and bounds through years of incredible hard work dedication and endless perserverence. It started out little more than a one-man-show to the very successful internationally respected publishing website and probably as it stands is unique.

Mark Brown, Tony Cook, Footse, Luke Nemia and all the other editors. We Salute You!

Yep. But then I'm also only just down the road...

Of course! x



I saw a story I wrote in 2004 on Facebook today. Yay! And now here's Ivoryfishbone!  Double Yay! !  Anyone else - even Mississippi  ..?


MLB!!! How are you?

Are you still on the south coast? x



Yep. Still beating back the waves. What are you up to these days?

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw my tree drawing and my story on ABC on Facebook! Nice of them though.


I had one the other day too! It's nice.

I'm still writing and now making plays. Will be bringing one to Brighton Fringe so hopefully we can get together x



That would be great!! email:




Hello... smiley