Child put into tumble dryer by parents

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Child put into tumble dryer by parents

All I am going to say is that this takes the threshold of parental idiocy which I experience in my day to day work to a new low - you will be lost for words

I mean, surely it has to be air tight or the water would leak out.....


I think they were thinking - big round place - little child. Little child fit into big round place, shut door and see what little child looks like behind glass in big round place. Little child seem not happy in big round place - wonder why. Oh, no air. Shit


To be fair they did go mental when they realised they couldn't get him out! Although they were probably a bit mental before. Poor kid. Don't tumble dryers blow hot air into the drum? He wouldn't have suffocated, simply had his skin horrifically seared off... Nice job Mum and Dad.
Well, with all this wet weather it can be hard to get your kids dry.
Alex and Steve you just made me laugh rather loudly. I suspect that they did not go as far as putting coins in, adding soap and turning it on. We have all seen what an impact being shut in a washing maching and going through a full spin cycle can have on a human being - take Nick Clegg for example....


I know it's slightly beside the point, but it was clearly the dad that did it, while the mum was away from the machine, where does the "parents" come in. We don't know what was said, there's nothing to indicate the woman did anything to encourage it and as soon as she got to the doors she tried to get the child out. Had it been the other way round you can be sure it would be "mother puts child in tumble dryer", the dad wouldn't get a mention. A more accurate headline would be "mother fails to stop idiot husband from putting kid in tumble dryer".







I think that calls for a divorce...
Who's going to tell Mr Papadopoulous?


I had to Google that reference shyrewode, and I'm glad I had to, because if I'd known who that was, I think I might have lost some man points... ;)
Scary, eh? I saw the video on TV. A careless moment while the father was preparing another dryer, except the one the child was in began to move and the lock sealed shut. Everything turned out OK. Richard LP
Richard L. Provencher
ItsSteveDave, I've been clean from that programme for about 18 months now. I prefer to watch something more uplifting these days - such as "The Walking Dead"...


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