Thanks Jolono.

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Thanks Jolono.

Thanks Jolono.


For providing me with two great reads over the Bank Holiday.

The Gentle Author’s London Album and an unexpected bonus prize of your book.  The East End Butcher Boy included.

Roy and his “overs” the under counter deals, corn beef, jeans, wine, tapes and LP’s and lots more “overs”.

From Roy’s frantic whirlwind world of wheeling and dealing to the slower pace of the Gentle Author’s London Album. 

A delightful read, the social history of Spitalfields, photographs old and new the character’s, vivid and full of life and more. A brilliant  book.

GA’s book has put in motion a trip planned to London.

Little Harry will change his Red and Blue tour routes with immediate effect,it’s all aboard for Spitalfields, no stops whatsoever.

I’m going to try out some slang in my local butcher’s shop and see how I get on.

Excuse me? Do you have, by any chance,  “swags, beemal, kayrop” you dratsab?


Thank’s for signing both books.

East End Butcher Boy is a great read. 


I'll second that!


And I'll drink to that!


Butcher Boy is a great read, I would recommend too.


Thanks Torscot! Glad you liked them. The London Album really is a great read, full of fabulous photos both old and new. But no need to thank won them fair and square! Good luck talking backslang with those rechtubs. Ask them if they klat the kcab gnals?