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Brain fog

Hello everyone, I'm glad to see so many familiar names on here. I haven't written anything for over two years and I even find it difficult to read novels lately.  Does anyone else ever struggle with this?  Have you ever had what seems like a lengthy writing hiatus, but managed to get back into it again? I'm wondering whether to just see writing as something I used to do (briefly), but then I feel like writing is an itch I still need to scratch...

So nice to see you Canonette! You are most certainly not the only one who's stopped, restarted, stopped, etc etc etc. Our most recent returnee is HarryC who I think you might remember? Have a look at what he's done lately for inspiration, and speaking of inspiration, perhaps try the inspiration point? It does work for some (I think it did for Harry).

I hope you do manage to get something down - you're a very talented writer, and I look forward to reading more from you - oh and we're having a virtual reading event on February 4th via zoom. The reading list is full, but it would be lovely if you could join us in the audience. You'd spot lots of familiar faces and we'd be delighted to see you! (details on the front page to register) - I do hope you come 


Hello insert... I'll check out HarryC's writing.  And think about the zoom reading event - technology allowing!  Yes, I'm definitely in need of inspiration. Thanks for the encouragement.  Hope you're still writing too?


Not writing at the moment Canonette - brain fog too! I also co-direct ABCTales now, since Tony retired, so I wouldn't post it under this username if I did - but I'll be there at the reading event in the audience - hope you can make it. If you need help with the technology email me ( and I'll talk you through it - it's really easy! 


Have a good scratch. Apart from keeping a diary I was away from writing for 3 years so I can relate to what you say Canonette. Good to see you back


Thank you, Rachel. My life is so boring - I think I need to get out more. I used to get lots of ideas from people watching!  


I also took a long break (maybe 10 years?), and I'm trying hard to keep going. To me it's important to not judge yourself too harshly. My only goal has been to complete something. Completing a story is the most important accomplishment. Sometimes I would look back at what I wrote and not like it. (I have a good handful of completed short stories I wasn't happy enough with to upload here) but I still feel those stories are an accomplishment, and I can still use ideas I put in there for other projects later on. I also try to come up with lots of story ideas--more than I could ever write. That way when it's time to work on something else, I have something ready on the pipeline...and perhaps something that had been stewing for awhile.


Hi donignacio, I sometimes wonder if having too many story ideas makes my writing too laboured. My best stories have been very spontaneous. I looked at the notes from a writing course I did a few years ago and we were given little observational exercises - describing people eating in cafés etc. I think I might just need to observe for a while, now that people are going out more.


Bits of stories can lie about for years like car parts. Sometimes you don't need them to drive the car. Be kind to yourself. Don't worry about cruncing gears. Reading is what I do. If you can't managed a book, read a paragraph. Read a line. Let if flow and let go. 


So lovely to see you back here, Canonette. Oh yes, the writing 'hiatus'. Like donignacio, I had one that lasted about ten years before I joined up here. I still have regular bouts of the old 'brain fog' but, as celtic says, it's about being kind to yourself. Do you do morning pages? I find just making myself write something, even if it's just a paragraph about the car parked in front of my window (I don't live in a very scenic area) makes me feel I've done something, and sometimes it leads on to something else. Admittedly, I'm a lazy retired sod, so sometimes it's afternoon pages, but the principle remains. Please do come to the reading event! 

I've been in a brain fug for a couple of years now, but it's largely drumming and alcohol that's kept me away. But now that I'm spavined due to an ankle injury and serious shoulder problems, I am getting the urge to write again. As someone wrote above, the very fact that you've written in, means you're writing again.


You're all right. I've remembered it's like an under-used muscle - my writing brain is out of shape, atrophied, and I need to do some warm up exercises.  Today wrote some notes about walking around Hastings - always an interesting 'people watching' opportunity.


I can see through the fog.... But I cant scratch the itch thats always there (in the writing sense)..... I keep at it anyway..... sometimes I look at it like a professional sport... try, try again. Train up, good days, bad days/weeks, Booboo's, blunders, flunders, brain cramps.. Then motivated, inspired, its all crystal clear*.. And then again, quit, give it up, lite a match to it. Pain, frustration, no gain, ?x<*+%!.. But in the end its all worth it... I find allot of inspiration here on this forum. I'll say it if no one else will... There's allot of itch scratching go'n on here at ABC... (All good my peep's).... Great Post Canonette* Thanx for a bit of uplifting spring fever smiley


Hello, I just wanted to share something which has encouraged me to start to write again.  I even managed a story this weekend.  Shaun Levin has a few writing courses on Domestika, very reasonably priced, and I used one of his prompts to kickstart my writing.  He said to take a line from someone else's work - for example, use your birthday number and turn to that page.  I used the first line of a story I'd just read - The Diaboliad, by Mikhail Bulgakov.