Formating Problem

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Formating Problem

I've searched and can't find an answer, help please!

Whatever I do, I cannot get the site to accept the  format my story is in correctly as I've created it. It used to work fine in the past with no problem, doing the same as I do now but not now...

I've tried copying and pasting word files, txt files, rtxt files and HTML files. All give me unjustified formatting on the right with the first word of every paragraph standing on its own. Plus paragraphs are given a two line break instead of one. As if it's a poem. (I have selected 'story' btw and tried using the fully justified button on the site page to no avail). Txt only files don't even fit in the box, instead spreading right across the screen in preview... so, I'm stuck.

Ok, I've found a way to make it work... Save as HTML, open in text reader, then copy and paste. Crazy way of working, but at least it now formats correctly. Why have things changed to become so awkward? hey ho. 


Tipp Hex


So sorry you've been having problems Tipp. Glad you found a way to fix them though. I'm afraid I can't explain why the intial issue happened. Which software did you use to write it originally?


Thanks, I'm using Open Office. I also found using the sites 'paste from' works to a point, but still doubles the para breaks. At least this way it shows up as originally formatted, but I notice now the font point size (12) is maybe too small here and can't be changed on site. Frustrating! But I'll get there...


Tipp Hex


You mean you can't change the font size on ABCTales? You can!


I'm sure it's possible, why wouldn't it be after all, but I can't find the option to do so!

Tipp Hex


There used to be an option to change the font, size and colour of text but it disappeared after a system change. If I remember well the site was updated more than once.
Also if I use a format other than 'normal' the text appears in red. I too have found a circuitous way of posting my chosen format.


She complains you're not doing the foreplay thing? No Formating. Can imagine. Hell I'm sorry I think I'm at the wrong place. When in Rome ...


I find it’s generally fine posting/editing stories using my (well my work’s) MacBook, but to attempt to do so using iPad is virtually impossible. Formatting problems, text flipping about, etc. Similar issues writing this comment! Any plans for an app or sommat? Or could people suggest workarounds such as the above? I generally write using Pages...