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changing times

My son asked me what tetanus was, yesterday. I was immediately worried he had got dirt in a cut or something while out in the woods. But it had come up at school.  It was their first lesson using fountain pens and the teacher warned them that the knib was very sharp and if they cut themselves on it they could get tetanus. Only the other day there was a survey bemoaning the fact that children spend all day on tablets etc. Am not surprised if they think their writing implements are out to get them

If our fountain pens didn't work, we used to be told to lick the nibs, that would do it.  It provided a bit of variety from munching the ends of pencils.  Lots of blue tongue syndrome, but never tetanus, as far as I know.  

Remember Quink?  Those bottles of ink. Mainly navy but I went trendy turquoise for a while.Tetanus from a fountain pen seems unlikely, however, as my primary teachers often said, 'it's the exception which proves the rule.'

Tetanus? Unreal.

It is possible I guess- but very unlikely.The internet is much more a threat to our kids &