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A Junkie Named June Bug (17)

I am wearing a long, white faux fur coat when I enter my room at the facility in the middle of the night. Diana will later tell me that my emaciated...

A Junkie Named June Bug (16)

In the last few weeks of the last year of my active addiction at twenty three into twenty four, things got the worst they've ever been, just when I...

A Junkie Named June Bug (15-Previously Hero In Addict)

I'm thirty three now, and it's been almost nine years since I achieved sobriety at twenty four, minus a few slips along the way that we'll talk about...

Hero In Addict (14)

Throughout my addiction, I encountered a great deal of scenarios and situations that were utterly bizarre even without the drugs factored in. We were...

Hero In Addict (Chapter-Hell)

When I was leaving the methadone clinic one day, a good looking guy I met outside, offered to give me a ride home in his ice cream truck. Yep, you...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Fantastic read! I

Posted on Sun, 16 Feb 2020

Fantastic read! I particularly enjoyed the line-
Damned if the little shit hadn’t fact checked my ass right in front of my own spectacles.

Gave me a good chuckle, and the initial nostalgic journey really helped bring the end home...

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