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I have 193 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
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Omar's Diary Saturday 7th Feb 15 - Racing, resting and diplomacy in the Ukraine

It is still really cold here in Hampshire in Great Britain and it makes me very glad that I am not an outdoor type of cat. The servants had their...

Omar's Diary Monday 2nd Feb 15 - gets serious while man servant perfects the Rickman

My cover picture shows me being serious and intellectual - all with very little effort After my breakfast this morning I heard lady servant say...

Omar's Diary 1st February 2015 - It's my genes that keep me indoors

For a Sunday morning the servants were up and about quite early. Man servant went outside to do some digging, weeding and hoeing in the back garden...

Omar's Diary to 31st Jan 2015 - Earthquakes, Fracking and the price of oil

On Monday both of the servants were around for the day and there was absolutely nothing in their behaviour to suggest that they were going away. Then...

Twenty two years and Seventy Years

Yesterday on the radio were several references both in the news and in documentaries that the 27 th January 2015 was the 70 th anniversary of the day...