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It's been a while

It's been a while old friend so you'll have to forgive my rusty ideas, but i'm back now to share my hopes dreams and fears, current life experiances and such. Coming to uni has been like

I just know i'm going to miss you

There's something magical about speaking to you on the phone, late at night lights turn off, laying in bed, no distractions, so, pure, and it warms me through, and makes me happy regardless

I never can explain

I never can explain exactly what you mean to me, I try as hard as I can but words fail me, but it is safe to say i've never felt like this before and you brighten up my day,

A ring

Single band of metal in a shape with no begging or end, to signfy something else which has had it's begging and hopes to never end. A ring of promise from me to you a promise that i'll do

Sky scraper

(I have been listening to Demi Lovato's song sky scraper a lot recently, great song if you haven't heard it yet you should go listen, and the lyrics really get to me on a emotional level, so i wanted