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I have 154 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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Cornish Saints

I like the fact that few of you came from here; why wouldn’t you visit this peninsula for your holidays? More than that, the people accepted the love...

Intentionally Blank

This page is intentionally blank, snowfield before the fact of the scrawl spoiling the white barren flatness. No wishes are listed here, nor...

The Cradle and the Crown, Birth Tales of Royals

The mystery over the actual births of kings and queens is intimately associated with the mystery and legends of their ancestry, which in many cases...

The Last Day I Loved You

Put the papers away and black bags out, like any other Tuesday. Rose late and adjusted my gait downstairs to the fact there was no shadow near and no...

Bruce and the Spider

At the risk of being anachronistic, you can see the modern day tabloid versions of the headline: EERIE ARACHNID INSPIRES WANNABE ROYAL...KING THANKS...