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Rob Welsh (Pearldiver)

Thank you for taking the time to read this cross section of works penned from a Kiwi's (New Zealander's) perspective way downunder. You are most welcome to visit anytime but remember to turn left at Australia. I hope you enjoy what you read both here & on the site overall. There are many fine writers & poets here as you will see... feel free to explore, there are pearls everywhere.

For me as a writer, I have always believed that each of us have a series of paths to walk within our respective lifetimes in our quest to become complete or proficient at what we do. To avoid some of the pain, perhaps having the correct footwear for the terrain, is equally as important as developing our ability to read & understand the relevance of each path we walk.

As a child, I was the son of an island lighthouse keeper sharing some of my earliest paths with a very wise golliwog, one who taught me that if one can believe, one can achieve whatever one chooses to. Together we believed that if we stood very still watching the ocean for as long as it takes, we could possibly discover all the secrets of the world that lay beyond the horizon. We found that every day the world around us changed & that horizon gradually gave up its secrets.

So many years later & without the company of my woolen mentor, (sadly devoured in the frenzy of a shark attack), I have found that it's words that really have the secret power of bringing every horizon into view, thus into the realm of greater understanding of who we are in relation to our universe. I'm pretty sure I learned that from my woolen mentor the day he first spoke back to me. Oh sure, that was a momentous occasion for both of us, though sadly I didn't understand what he yelled out as he was snatched from my grip by a shark, never again to be seen. Hold on tight to the things you love & enjoy what you read or learn in life always believing or aware, that it may well bring whatever lies beyond your horizon into view.

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Alchemy (And All the Elements of You)

She moves silently, gliding over cold slate floors as if to force my imagination to believe that I, assayer of such dreams, will surely love her...
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